Working with people around the world—from fishermen to government leaders, divers to scientists, Californians to Fijians—the Coral Reef Alliance protects our most valuable and threatened ecosystem. We lead holistic conservation programs that improve coral reef health and resilience and are replicated across the globe. Join us!

Check out our 2013 Annual Report as we look back at a productive year—one that saw many conservation successes and leadership advances. You’ll hear from a few of the many passionate people responsible for driving coral reef conservation forward. And we’re taking this opportunity to recognize the many people—donors, partners, advocates—who supported us throughout the year. Thank you! Read the annual report

The latest issue of Scuba Diving magazine highlights our work to improve water quality in Hawai'i. Partnering with West Maui hotels and resorts, we are helping interested parties take advantage of the local recycled-water system. Using this reclaimed water helps keep algae-fueling nutrients off the reef, conserves potable water supplies, and saves participating businesses money—a win-win for the tourism industry and the ecosystem. Read more

With the support of key leaders in the Honduran government and some committed local advocates, we're pleased to announce a major victory in the Caribbean: Tela Bay, which contains some of the region's healthiest reefs, has been designated a federal Site of Wildlife importance. Read our press release

Aloha! The April edition of E-Current takes an in-depth look at CORAL's Hawai'i projects, from our new water-quality work on Kauai to our exciting partnership with a young conservation leader. We also profile Wes Crile, one of our field managers, who's helping expand the scope of our work on Maui and beyond, and share some new research about fish biodiversity in a largely unexplored corner of the archipelago. Read more