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It’s All About the Ahupua’a

One of the things I love most about our staff at the Coral Reef Alliance is that we all share the same passion for coral reefs. So for those of us in our headquarters office in Oakland, California, it’s always a treat when we get to travel to our field sites and see the reefs we work so hard to save. I recently had a chance to travel to Hawai‘i with a few others from headquarters and meet with our field team there. Much of our week-long visit was focused around a single question: what do we need to do in the next five years in order to save coral reefs in Hawai‘i? On the surface, it sounds simple enough. We know that coastal pollution is a primary threat to reefs in Hawai‘i. So as long as we can reduce the amount of runoff entering the marine environment, we should be good, right? It’s once we actually started delving in to that answer, and the process and needs started to unravel, that I realized just how complicated the … [Read more...]