CORAL – True Partnership Defined

As CORAL’s development director, I am responsible for the success of our fundraising and communications efforts. One of the most significant struggles I’ve faced in that role is finding the balance between shouting from the rooftops how awesome our organization is—because it is—and giving credit to our partners, whose profiles we want to raise. That struggle resolved itself for me during a recent trip to Honduras; I joined members of our staff and Board on a field visit to learn more about our current and future projects there. I saw firsthand what partnership really means for conservation and why CORAL’s value lies not just in how effective we are—but more importantly, in how effective we help make everyone else. Jenny Myton is one of the most talented conservation professionals you will ever meet—and fortunately for CORAL, she serves as our Honduras Field Manager. But Jenny would rather I talk about our partners Giaco, Nic, … [Read more...]