A Glittering Evening of Conservation

By Madhavi Colton, CORAL Lead Conservation Scientist I recently had the privilege of representing CORAL at the Monterey Bay Aquarium David Packard Award Dinner celebrating the Aquarium’s 30th anniversary. I was invited to attend by Bloomberg Philanthropies and was joined by CORAL Council member, Kris Billeter. The evening was beautiful and elegant, and full of […]

The Inaugural CORAL Conservation Prize Winner Is . . .

Nyoman Sugiarta from Bondalem in Indonesia! Nyoman, a fisherman, has been instrumental in ensuring his community’s local reefs are protected. Through education, improved management, and the development of alternative income opportunities for fishermen, he and his team have built a network of support for meaningful reef conservation in Bondalem. We congratulate Nyoman on winning the […]

Protecting Manta Rays—and Marine Biodiversity

Talking about marine biodiversity means talking about Indonesia, says CORAL Triangle Regional Manager Naneng Setiasih: the largest archipelago in the world with 17,500 islands, Indonesia also has the highest marine biodiversity in the world, including migratory species like the manta ray. Indonesia recently declared three million square kilometers of its seas as a manta sanctuary. […]

A Diver’s Report

When Don Acheson visited Roatan, Honduras, six years ago he was dismayed to see “a lot of algae on the reef … and very little elkhorn or staghorn coral; very few anemones, sea urchins, or sea cucumbers; and very few mollusks or even empty shells.” Fast forward to 2013, when Don decided to visit Roatan […]

Incredible Islands

May 22 is International Day for Biological Diversity—and this year, the focus is on island biodiversity. Since most of our project sites are located on islands, we thought we’d celebrate this holiday with a deeper dive into what makes life on these places so interesting. Isolated from their mainland counterparts, island plants and animals evolve […]

CORAL Field Peeps—Wes Crile

Wes Crile thinks it takes a watershed to save a reef. Sound daunting? Not to him—he views it as a great opportunity. Since joining CORAL as a Hawai‘i field manager in January, he has been busy getting to know his new watershed in Maui. Because Maui is an island, he says, some of its water […]

Monitoring Makua

On the north shore of Kauai, just north of the well known Hanalei Bay, is an idylic stretch of coastline known as “Makua.” Makua, a Hawaiian word for provider, may refer in this case to the important resources that came from this once vibrant reef ecosystem and helped provide for the needs of people living […]

Reef Champion Partners with CORAL

If you’re ever feeling discouraged about the state of the planet, look no further than 15-year old Dylan Vecchione for inspiration. At age 13, Dylan founded his own nonprofit called ReefQuest to foster marine stewardship through citizen science. But the idea for ReefQuest—and his first “initiative,” as he puts it—began when he was only seven. […]

CORAL Field Peeps Naneng Setiasih

NanengCoral Triangle Regional Manager Naneng Setiasih’s hope for the future of conservation is that nonprofits, businesses, and governments will learn to play better together. “We have so many prejudices and boxes,” she says. “I want to see more of us work across boxes. The environment is a job for everybody; we need to stop blaming […]

Fun Parrotfish Facts

Thanks to David Welder for asking about the difference between parrotfish and wrasses; he thought the image on the coin looked remarkably like a Maori wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) and was curious about how they are related to the humphead parrotfish. Turns out it looked like a Maori wrasse because it is one! We obviously did […]