Hawai’i Hotel Reef Stewardship Project

Project Overview
The Coral Reef Alliance works with local communities, businesses, partner organizations, and resource managers in Hawai’i to protect and preserve Hawai’i’s coral reefs and to support local projects that benefit both reefs and people.


Hawai’i Hotel Reef Stewardship Project
Hawai’i is home to approximately eighty percent of the coral reefs found in U.S. waters. Nearly one-quarter of its fish species, reef-building corals, and reef invertebrates are endemic. These remarkable ecosystems generate approximately $800 million in gross annual revenue for the state and are considered one of the hospitality sector’s greatest assets.

CORAL has launched a statewide initiative that promotes sustainable tourism and environmental reef stewardship within Hawaii’s accomodations sector.

Recognizing that many of Hawai’i’s hotels are already leaders in environmental sustainability, we have developed this project to explore new niches and acknowledge those who engage in efforts beyond the standard water and energy reduction efforts.

What We’re Doing
With support from our local partners, CORAL is providing access to materials, tools, strategies, and other resources that hotels can utilize to improve their level of sustainability. We are seeking assistance from hotel managers to better understand the stewardship activities that are currently underway at their hotels and identify opportunities to work together.

Example Activities:
• Reef etiquette signage
• In-room educational materials
• Educational tools for staff to share with guests
• Staff training in reef ecology and outreach strategies
• Supporting hotels’ watersports companies in the implementation of the Voluntary Standards for Marine Tourism and working with concierges and activity agencies to provide materials and messages that can be shared with visitors.

Below is a list of hotels that have joined the Hawai’i Hotel Reef Stewardship Project:

Hawaii Island