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A four-star rated charity by Charity Navigator, CORAL is recognized for spending donor contributions efficiently and effectively, investing them in community-based conservation efforts that work and that will last. We know from scientific evaluation and our own surveys of marine area managers, community members, government leaders, and other stakeholders that our holistic and tailored approach is the best chance we have to save coral reefs.

Our donors provide the base of support that makes all of our work possible. And, because CORAL has a proven track record of producing significant results with limited funding, your donation today will have an immediate and considerable impact on coral reefs.

Please make your gift today!

Beyond knowing that your donation is helping to protect our planet’s most valuable resources and the communities that depend on them, you will receive the following benefits with your contribution:

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CORAL Current, our quarterly newsletter              
Invitations to special CORAL events              
Limited edition CORAL calendar (mailed in the fall)              
Annual Report              
Listing in the Annual Report              
Invitation to participate in a program update conference call              
Priority invitation to CORAL dive adventures              
Invitation to an annual dinner with CORAL leaders              
Donor profile in one of CORAL’s publications              
Opportunity to meet with our field staff at one of our project sites