Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding

In an effort to make Hawaii’s reefs fish-food free, CORAL and its partners launched a conservation initiative called Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding. Recognizing that fish feeding can have disastrous effects on the health of coral reefs and reef fish, many of us in the conservation and marine recreation communities have been looking for an effective way to educate local businesses and visitors about the dangers of the practice.

Just as ecological imbalance alters predator-prey relationships on land, feeding fish can push delicate coral reef ecosystems out of balance. For instance, when grazers like surgeonfish—which normally feed on algae—are fed by tourists, the surgeonfish eat less algae. With a reduction of grazing activity by these herbivorous fish, the algae is left to flourish and potentially smother the reefs. In addition, at popular tourist destinations where fish are commonly fed, there are often incidents of accidental biting.

Fish-Friendly Business Alliance

The following marine recreation businesses are participating in the Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding campaign. They exemplify sustainable behavior by not allowing or encouraging guests to feed fish while on tours. These marine operators proudly display the Fish-Friendly Establishment decal.

ABC Stores
Longs Drugs

Ann Fielding’s Snorkel Maui
Boss Frog’s Dive & Surf
Hawaiian Paddle Sports
Kai Kanani 
Lahaina Divers
Maui Dreams Dive Company 
Maui Kayak Adventures
Maui Ocean Center Aquarium
Maui Sights and Treasures
Maui Thrills Eco-Nature Tours
Mike Severns Diving 
North Shore Explorers 
Pacific Dive
Pacific Whale Foundation
Pride of Maui 
Prince Kuhio 
Trilogy Excursions 
West Maui Sports and Fishing Supply

Adventures in Paradise
Bottom Time Hawaii
Dorkel’s Snorkel and Baby Rental 
Jack’s Diving Locker
Kona Boys
Konaquatica Dive Center
Miller’s Snorkel and Surf 

South Pacific Kayaks & Outfitters

Island Divers
Ocean Legends Hawaii
Surfin Waikiki at the Queen Kapi‘olani Hotel  
Wild Side Specialty Tours

Kayak Hanalei


Blue Water Divers (Turks and Caicos Islands)

Aloha Hawaii Travel Guide
For the Sea Productions

Hawaii Wildlife Fund
Malama Kai Foundation



Fish-Friendly Business Thank-You Letters

The following letter was sent to members of the Fish-Friendly Business Alliance from grateful CORAL members.

Dear Fish-Friendly Business,

As a Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) member, I’d like to thank you for preventing harm to coral reefs and fish by agreeing not to feed fish or sell fish food. When selecting a dive or snorkel business, I always try to make an environmentally friendly choice. I can tell that you share my concern for the health of the world’s oceans by participating in CORAL’s “Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding” campaign. I applaud your efforts in working toward a solution rather than contributing to the problem and look forward to telling my friends and family about your commitment. Sometimes it is hard to make a business decision that doesn’t go along with the norm or isn’t the best for profits. I thank you for making a difficult decision that is better for all in the long run and for setting an example for others.


1. Jennifer Maldonado, Waialua, HI
2. Craig Wright, Las Vegas, NV
3. Judie Guerriero, San Francisco, CA
4. Naina Nash, Portland, OR
5. Hugh Marsh, San Antonio, TX
6. Gary Kirkilas, Vallejo, CA
7. Brian Enck, Columbus, OH
8. Patrick Aderman, Alvord, TX
9. James Drury, York, UK
10. Chris Carroll, South Woodham Ferrers Chelmsford
11. Mark Sanders-Barwick, Teddington
12. Priska Raharjo, Komplek BPT, Ciawi Bogor
13. Jerald Wilson, Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies,
School of Energy Sciences Madurai, Kamaraj University
14. Benidhar Deshmukh, Shivajinagar Pune
15. Melissa Johnson, Goleta, CA
16. Marilyn Cabral, Smithville, TN
17. Chris Nappi, Cape Coral, FL
18. Mus Piadi, Lampaseh Aceh Kec.Meuraxa Banda Aceh
19. Carlos Schomaker, Fort Myers, FL
20. Don Skei, Newberg
21. James Miller, Westminster, MD
22. Christopher Toy, New York, NY
23. Todd Pender, Cromwell, CT
24. Margaret Neuer, New York, NY
25. Pamela Roe, Turlock, CA
26. Tom Chase, Prospect, KY
27. Bob Deacy, West Palm Beach, FL
28. Heidi Schubert, San Antonio, TX
29. Ken Costlow, Arlington, TX
30. Paula Berkeley, Sebastopol, CA
31. Judy Munsen, Al, CA
32. Peggy Goldberg, Citra, FL
33. Brian Buchrucker, Arlington, TX
34. Gail Markway, Saint Louis, MO
35. Kelly Riley, Hummelstown, PA
36. Katie Velasquez, Place Kihei, HI
37. Hiram Bush, Mandeville, LA
38. Erin Ciccone, Arlington, MA
39. Amanda Carter, Brooklyn, NY
40. Jacqueline Thomas, Austin, TX
41. Michael Sullivan, Westminster, CO
42. L. Slater, Los Angeles, CA
43. Edward L. Garwin, Half Moon Bay, CA
44. Colleen Brown, Rochester hills, MI
45. Jennifer Swain, Saint Paul, MN
46. Dale Anania, Berkeley, CA
47. Leonard DeJoy, Forest Park, LA
48. Miriam Iosupovici, Imperial Beach, CA
49. Ron Herring, Portland, OR
50. Michelle Johnston, Sacramento, CA
51. Paul Lima, Christiana, TN
52. Sandra Smith, OH
53. Steve Porter, Saint Paul, MN
54. Sue Williams, Redmond, OR
55. Laurie Van De Werfhorst, Way Goleta, CA
56. Sara Hamilton, Key Largo, FL
57. Sue Considine, Sacramento, CA
58. Mike Kappus, San Francisco, CA
59. Raman Rajagopalan, Dallas, TX
60. Tyler Bates, Everett, WA
61. Michael Mosco, Barrington, RI
62. Rick Woodford, Pukalani, HI
63. Kerrill Lewis, Willow Creek, CA
64. Olivia Bowen, Manchester
65. Shannon Balistrire, Seabrook, TX
66. Shirley Dacey, Marie, ON
67. Jessica Dehart, Abingdon, MD
68. Rae Swisher, Dallas, TX
69. Charlie Bauer, PA