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April 2016: 2015 Annual Report / Gardens of the Past / Valuable Data for Managing the Reefs of Tomorrow / Moving Forward in Kubulau / A Fun Crash Course on Ocean Protection

Healthy coral reefs display vibrant colors and high species diversity in Namena, Fiji.
2015 Annual Report

Your support had a significant impact on coral reefs in 2015! Read about the work you made possible--Clean Water for Reefs, sustainable fishing management, findings from the Reefs Tomorrow Initiative, and how a community used photography to become stewards of their environment. View CORAL's digital Annual Report to learn more.

Cuba_Sharks_MW 2
Cuba’s network of vast marine reserves have succeeded in keeping top predators, like these silky sharks, in abundance, too rare a sight on most reefs.
Gardens of the Past

Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina is a true wilderness that houses 800 square miles of protected area from mangroves to coral reefs. Sharks, groupers, turtles and even crocodiles abound here, giving us a glimpse into the seas of the past. Dive into this spectacular park with Executive Director Michael Webster. Read More

Palymra shallow reef by Michael Webster
The remote Palymra atoll was an ideal location for investigating how multiple factors work for or against reef health.
Valuable Data for Managing the Reefs of Tomorrow

Three years ago we set out to investigate how multiple factors--like wave energy, herbivores and coral species--interact to affect the health of coral reefs. The Reefs Tomorrow Initiative, a group of world-class researchers, collected vast quantities of data from a remote atoll in the central Pacific. Here’s what we learned...Read More

Chainsaws for KRMC_Peni_Were
Alexx Edwards, Naia Dive and partners presenting chainsaws to Paulo Kolikata for relief work in Kubulau (Photo by Peni Were).
Moving Forward in Kubulau

Recovery is underway! The Kubulau Resource Management Committee is using the funds you contributed for vital coordination and delivery of supplies to the villages. The devastated communities are grateful for the outpour of support as they embark on the process of recovering and rebuilding. Thank you for your generosity! Read More

EBM screen capture by JToomey
Ecosystem based fishery management takes the big picture, not just one species or population into consideration (Screenshot from video by Jim Toomey).
A Fun Crash Course on Ocean Protection

Cartoonist Jim Toomey and PEW Charitable Trust released an entertaining and enlightening series of cartoons about important ocean topics. We especially love 'What is Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management?' Watch Videos

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