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January 2016: A Huge Year-End Thank You / Is Your Sunscreen Hurting Corals? / Seaweed Deters Coral Reef Fish / A Facebook New Years to Remember


Thank you for helping us save coral reefs in 2015!
A Huge Year-End Thank You

Thank you for your tremendous support in 2015. We saw a strong and steady growth in funding for the year, a testament to your generosity and passion for protecting coral reefs! Your contributions will boost our efforts to save coral reefs around the world, from improving water quality in Hawai‘i to helping communities protect their fisheries in Fiji. Thank you!


Learn more about how you can protect corals and protect yourself from the sun.
Is Your Sunscreen Hurting Corals?

According to a new study published in October 2015, a common ingredient in sunscreen, oxybenzone, is bad for corals. Even at very low concentrations, the growth rate of baby corals exposed to oxybenzone slowed down and they became deformed. But should you stop wearing sunscreen? Find out how you can help corals and protect yourself from the sun.  Read More


Seaweed growth on a coral reef may be even more harmful than we originally thought.
Seaweed Deters Coral Reef Fish

Coral reefs thrive in clean, clear, low nutrient water. Too many nutrients in the water can cause an increase in seaweed growth. Seaweeds smother corals and compete with them for space. A new study by the University of Delaware found seaweed growth on a coral reef may be even more harmful than originally believed. The study found that butterflyfishes avoided coral that had contact with seaweeds, even if there were no visual signs of seaweed. The seaweed left behind chemical cues that deterred the fish.  Read More


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A Facebook New Years to Remember

While many of you were celebrating on New Year’s Eve, the Coral Reef Alliance reached a milestone—100,000 followers on Facebook. We started December 31 with approximately 99,750 followers. As the day crept on, we watched anxiously as that number slowly increased. Would we make it to 100,000 before midnight? Just before the clock announced the end of 2015, as Fireworks started sounding in the distance, the numbers 99K turned to a 100K, and we hit our goal. Now the question looms: can we get to 200,000 by the end of 2016? Follow us on Facebook to Find Out

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