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July 2016: International Coral Reef Symposium / Sunscreen and Corals / Coral Reef Bright Spots / Match Challenge Success -$100,000 for Coral Reefs  / In the News


ICRS session Kirsten Carlson Fathom It Studios
This is artist Kirsten Carlson's representation of one session at the the International Coral Reef Symposium (Photo Credit Fathom It Studios)

Our Associate Programs Director Dr. Madhavi Colton shares key highlights and takeaways from this year’s symposium event. “I would love to say that ICRS filled me with a sense of optimism about the state of reefs. But the truth is that corals face a dire future unless we act now at both global and local scales.” Read More


Think of corals before you chose your sunscreen, many products contain oxybenzone, a chemical harmful to corals (Photo Credit XL Catlin Seaview Survey).
Sunscreen and Corals 

Sunscreen and corals have been a hot topic lately in the news, and at the recent International Coral Reef Symposium. Although there have only been a few studies so far it is clear that the common chemicals in these products can have devastating effects on corals. Read More


Namena Reef Bright Spot
Healthy coral reefs are colorful and diverse.
Coral Reef Bright Spots

A recent study illuminates 15 bright spots, places where corals and the species that depend on them are thriving, and not all are remote or removed from human influence. Read More



Angelfish and Reef Tela Honduras
Coral reefs around the world are under stress from global and local threats.
Match Challenge Success - $100,000 for Coral Reefs

Thank you to everyone who donated toward our $50,000 match challenge! Together we exceeded our goal and raised more than $110,000 for coral reefs! The entire Coral Reef Alliance team is grateful to know that you believe in our work. Thank you for accepting the challenge and to everyone who contributed to and shared our campaign.  

In the News:
Nutrition: Fall in fish catch threatens human health 
Coral reefs facing a hot time and increased bleaching in the US, NOAA outlook says
Study: Sunscreen devastating to coral

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