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March 2016: Advances for Roatan Marine Park / The Coral Polyp and the Origin of Life / Fiji--Recovery and Support After Cyclone Winston / Ocean Acidification is Already Damaging Coral Reefs

Honduras_MW_2013 Roatan 087
A mixed school of striped and princess parrotfish (Scarus croicensis and S. taeniopterus) swarm over healthy coral on a reef managed by Roatan Marine Park.
Advances for Roatan Marine Park

Last year, CORAL invested in the sustainability of RMP with a $12,000 grant to hire a Sustainable Finance Coordinator. The new position was designed to help them diversify income streams and build relationships within the private sector. Read more about how they will continue to build on their successes to protect Roatan’s unique and natural beauty.  Read More

Pocillopora coral and Orange shoulder Tangs
Orange shoulder tangs (Acanthurus olivaceous) around a cauliflower coral (Pocillopora) in Maui.
The Coral Polyp and the Origin of Life

CORAL Program Coordinator, Chana Ane, has a deep connection to the natural world. In this blog post, learn how she and other Hawaiians see the coral reefs around them as not a just a part of nature, but a part of themselves. Read More

Winston Recovery by Peni Were
Thank you for supporting community recovery efforts after Cyclone Winston! (Photo by Peni Were)
Fiji--Recovery and Support after Cyclone Winston

Thank you for your tremendous support in response to Tropical Cyclone Winston. Together, we raised $4,400 to support Kubulau’s recovery efforts! These funds will help the devastated villages purchase much-needed food supplies, drinking water and tools for cleanup and restoration. If you would like to contribute to their relief efforts please use this link. On behalf of the Kubulau community in Fiji, thank you!

pH experiement by Rebecca Albright
The first in situ experiment on acidification has revealed that corals are already growing slower (Photo by Rebecca Albright/Carnegie Institution for Science).
Ocean Acidification is Already Damaging Reefs

A recent article, authored by Luiz Rocha from the California Academy of Sciences, shares insight behind a new study revealing that ocean acidification is already damaging coral reefs. In the first field experiments under natural conditions Stanford scientists found that reefs today have slower growth rates than those that existed 100 years ago. Read More

Octopus video screen shot
Octopuses known for their ability to fit into small spaces, but what happens when the competition shows up? (Screenshot from video by Björn Svensson)
From the Web: Octopus Interactions Caught on Video

Don't miss this octopus fight! This fight has it all--changing colors, tentacular aggression and the importance of a good hiding spot. Watch the Video on YouTube

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