March 2017
2016 Annual Report | New Frontiers: 50 Reefs Endangered Reefs Map Reefs on Instagram

Photo by Clark Miller, AquaTerralmagery.com
2016 Annual Report is Now Live!

Join us as we chronicle our core achievements that unite communities to save coral reefs with awe-inspiring imagery and inspirational stories.

Be inspired today at coral.org/annualreport!


Photo by Stephanie Roach, The Ocean Agency
New Frontiers: 50 Reefs 

CORAL's Dr. Michael Webster and Dr. Madhavi Colton recently co-authored a Huffington Post article "50 Reefs Initiative Is Good News For Coral Reefs." The goal of this new, global initiative is to "identify and prioritize protection efforts on the coral reefs that are least vulnerable to climate change, and also have the greatest capacity to repopulate other reefs over time.”


Photo by Mark Kelsey and GRID-Arendal
Endangered Reefs, Threatened People 

An ESRI Creative Maps Award recipient, Endangered Reefs, Threatened People highlights the complicated relationship between coral reefs and humans living in a high CO2 world by showing how many people depend on coral reefs (by country) and the threats to these reefs posed by climate change, ocean acidification and bleaching.


Photo by Andrew Torres, Katherine Lu and The Ocean Agency
Reefs on Instagram

Did you know that CORAL is on Instagram? Follow us at @coral_org for pictures of amazing reefs around the world and check out these three accounts as well: Andrew Torres, Katherine Lu Photography and The Ocean Agency.

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