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USA (California)

Dr. Madhavi Colton

Executive Director

Dr. Madhavi Colton is an accomplished conservation scientist who is focused on helping the world’s ecosystems cope with the effects of climate change. She believes that coral reefs—one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems—can be saved for generations to come. Through her scientific research, she has developed a new approach to conservation that will help reefs around the world adapt to the effects of climate change. Madhavi is turning this science into action by building strong alliances across environmental, scientific and political sectors. As the Executive Director, Madhavi is leading CORAL into a new era with a greater scale, scope, and effectiveness, with unprecedented levels of funding and a revitalized organizational reputation and brand. Madhavi has a doctorate in marine ecology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

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