Clean Water for Reefs Puakō

Project Timeline



  • The Coral Reef Alliance and its partners presented the costs to determine the financial feasibility of the recommended solution at the Wastewater Forum on January 14


  • The Coral Reef Alliance and the Advisory Committee focused efforts on researching ownership, operations and maintenance and financing options for an onsite treatment facility


  • Puakō Advisory Committee recommended that potential wastewater solutions be analyzed based upon five weighted criteria:
    • Timeline for design and construction
    • Permitting requirements
    • Environmental benefits, including effluent water quality
    • Total project capital cost
    • Annual maintenance and operations cost
  • Prepared and released Preliminary Engineering Report which analyzed three options to improve the health of Puakō Reef. The onsite treatment facility scored highest against the five weighted criteria listed above
  • Puakō Advisory Committee recommended the onsite treatment facility and the Puakō Community Association supported this recommendation


  • The Puakō Community Association invited the Coral Reef Alliance to lead the effort to find a viable solution to the wastewater problem
  • Official launch of the Clean Water for Reefs project in Puakō, Hawai‘i to address poor water quality affecting Puakō’s reefs
  • The Clean Water for Reefs Puakō Advisory Committee was created to ensure all options and issues are investigated and addressed thoroughly and efficiently


  • At the request of community members, the University of Hawaiʻi and The Nature Conservancy analyzed water quality and identified wastewater problem affecting the reef