Build Local Management Capacity

Many individuals and organizations in coastal regions throughout the tropics are committed to protecting their local reefs. Unfortunately, they don’t often have the tools, finances, or training needed to set up protected areas and—even more importantly—to adequately enforce them and ensure that they work.

CORAL works to strengthen marine protected areas (MPAs) and locally managed marine areas (LMMAs) by helping existing local organizations and leadership teams build their capacity, further developing the knowledge and skills they want and need to take on the important role of caretakers for these valuable ecosystems. Whether developing patrolling and enforcement protocols for the Roatan Marine Park, recruiting and training volunteers to support West Hawai’i businesses as they aim to be more reef-friendly, or providing cell phones and solar chargers to Kubulau Resource Management Committee members so they can communicate with each other about meetings and priorities, we are ensuring that local groups have what they need to be the reefs’ most powerful stewards long into the future.

We often facilitate projects of these local organizations and individuals through microgrants that our field team members recommend. Recent microgrants include:

January 2013: Amed, Indonesia. Fund six mooring buoys and signage about coral reefs           

January 2013 : St. George’s, Grenada. Fund lionfish tournament and production of wristbands for sustainable financing pilot

January 2013: Pemba, Mozambique. Fund two courses on reef resilience for university students

April 2013: Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Fund nine rural microgrant projects in support of shark conservation initiatives

May 2013: Roatan, Honduras. Fund Coral Reef Leadership Network stipends

May 2013: Tela, Honduras. Fund purchase of mooring buoys