Web Badges

Highlight CORAL on Your Website, Blog, or Social Media Profile

To show the world that you support CORAL and its conservation programs to save coral reefs across the globe, place a banner or badge on your website, blog, or social media profile.

Choose from the banners and badges below, and follow these steps to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting coral reefs today.
1. Choose a graphic.
2. Highlight and select all of the code under the graphic.
3. Copy the code (usually Ctrl+C on PC and Apple+C on Mac).
4. Open your page as you normally do to edit the HTML or in any text editor.
5. Paste the code into your page (usually Ctrl+V on PC and Command+V on Mac).
6. Save your page.

coral reef alliance
coral reef alliance
coral reef alliance
coral reef alliance


Tips for adding badges and banners to your MySpace page:

  1. Choose a graphic from the list above.
  2. Select and copy the code under the graphic (usually Ctrl+C on PC and Apple+C on Mac).
  3. Log on to MySpace and click “Edit Profile” (right next to your profile picture).
  4. Press Ctrl+V (or Apple+V) to paste the code where you want the graphic to appear on your profile.
  5. Click “Save All Changes” at the bottom of the “Edit Profile” screen.