Ever wonder how baby corals are made? How do corals reproduce if they can’t move? What exactly is coral spawning?

Listen to this stimulating webinar as Dr. Emma Kennedy of the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences and Dr. Helen Fox of the Coral Reef Alliance take you on a deep dive into the “birds and the bees” of the coral reef ecosystem. Learn all about coral spawning, and why it plays such a major role in our efforts to save coral reefs.

Dr. Emma Kennedy

Dr. Emma Kennedy is a research scientist specializing in coral reefs, with an interest in climate change impacts on reef communities. Originally trained as a zoologist, she completed her PhD in Caribbean reef ecology at University of Exeter in the UK, in 2015. Much of Emma’s research involves making detailed field observations. Over the past five years she has led over 23 diving research expeditions from the Coral Triangle to the Caribbean. She currently works at the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences.

Dr. Helen Fox

Dr. Helen E. Fox is a coral reef ecologist by training. She has more than 20 years’ experience working at the boundary of science and conservation, with geographic expertise in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle. Her work includes investigating links between marine protected area (MPA) management and governance, ecological impacts, and human well-being. She currently serves as the Conservation Science Director at the Coral Reef Alliance.

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