There are many diverse, creative ways you can support coral reefs and ensure they’re here and thriving for generations to come. Please contact us to discuss these options in more detail.


Stocks & Other Assets

Donate securities, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate, or make a gift from your appreciated IRA account to CORAL. Learn more about making a stock gift to CORAL.

Donor Advised Funds

Give through your existing DAF account or create one with CORAL.


Celebrate someone special with an “in honor” or “in memory” gift. Your donation will help save coral reefs around the world. When you make a gift in honor of someone, the person you’ve honored will become a part of CORAL’s reef-saving community.


Donate through donor-advised crypto-giving platforms, such as Charityvest, which allow you to select CORAL as a nonprofit beneficiary for blockchain donations. Search for The Coral Reef Alliance by name or by EIN# 94-3211245. Please email with any questions.

Testing water quality in Puakō, Hawai‘i Island

Workplace Giving

Many employers, including the federal government, will allow you to contribute to nonprofit organizations on a pre-tax basis, and/or match gifts you make. If you’re a government employee, please consider designating CORAL as one of the beneficiaries of your contributions—our CFC number is 10418. If you’re a non-governmental employee, check to see which payroll deduction options (often pre-tax) are available through your employer.

Social Media Fundraiser

Create a fundraiser for CORAL on Facebook or Instagram to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or just because, and encourage your friends to help save coral reefs.

Donated Airline Miles

Donate miles through our corporate partner Hawaiian Airlines or through another airline you frequently travel. (Donated miles are not tax-deductible.)

Photo by Cinzia Osele Bismarch, Ocean Image Bank
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Help save the world’s coral reefs