Hear from CORAL’s Executive Director, Heather Starck, and Board Chair, Kirby Ryan

Clean Water for Reefs

Land-based pollution and poor water quality are the biggest threats to coral reef survival. Through collaborative efforts with coastal communities, we establish resilient infrastructure and implement impactful community initiatives, ensuring that coral reefs receive the essential clean and transparent water they require.


communities partnered with CORAL to build and manage wastewater treatment infrastructure, keeping sewage out of the ocean


bills introduced to the legislature to expedite cesspool conversion in Hawai‘i


gallons of sewage kept out of the water in coastal Honduras


water quality monitoring sites established across the Western Caribbean and Hawai‘i that inform conservation interventions


native plants installed in West Maui to prevent sediment from running into the ocean and smothering coral reefs

Sustainable Fisheries


pieces of gear and 4.4 km of illegal fishing nets were confiscated by patrol boats in Honduras


partners in our alliance banded together to standardize methods for monitoring of lobster and conch


increase in fish biomass in Los Micos Lagoon area


square kilometers of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Honduras are now effectively managed and protected by patrol boats


kilometers of ocean/coastline surveilled by patrol boats between Utila, Roatan and Tela to ensure illegal fishing actions are prevented and stopped

Resilient Coastal Communities

Conservation begins with the people who depend most on coral reefs and the partners who share a passion for our mission. We believe that by building the capacity of our local partners, we build the capacity for a healthier future for the coral reef ecosystem.


guides deployed to strengthen community decision-making and alliance engagement including a bleaching toolkit and wastewater management


like-minded organizations participated in the first ever Coral Bleaching Awareness Month in November


raised to support a new Community Resilience Fund, a response to climate-related emergencies in coastal communities like Lahaina


organizations in our alliance worked with us to protect coral reefs, ensuring they have clean water and sustainable fisheries


in funds awarded to build the capacity of local environmental organizations

Climate Adaptation

Photo by Valentina Cucchiara


partners launched research in the Coral Triangle on climate change adaptation for both coral reefs and the coastal communities that depend on them


scientific studies published to inform management plans that will reduce stressors to coral reefs and inform large-scale marine spatial planning in the face of climate change


marine scientists/conservationists trained for the Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment, a standardized protocol in the Caribbean to monitor coral and benthic organisms


people were trained to use the Allen Coral Atlas Bleaching Monitoring System and various coral bleaching methodologies and resources


bleaching data points collected for the Main Hawaiian Islands, Gulf of Aqaba, Madagascar, Mauritus, Torres Strait, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji and the Mesoamerican Region, in order to test the accuracy of the newly-launched Allen Coral Atlas bleaching monitoring


Your Support is Making Waves

I continue to be impressed by the accomplishments of the CORAL team and extend heartfelt gratitude to our supporters. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend sincere thanks for your contributions that propelled our calendar year 2023 to success, yielding a total revenue exceeding $3.6M*. CORAL’s expansion of impactful conservation programs and scientific initiatives continues to unfold in an operationally efficient and cost-effective manner.

This significant impact is achievable through the unwavering dedication, active involvement, and financial support of individuals, foundations and corporations who recognize the vital importance of safeguarding and preserving coral reefs.

Each donation plays a crucial role, ensuring funds are directed where they are most needed. In the year 2023, an impressive 76% of our total expenses directly supported the efforts of program teams dedicated to maintaining the health of corals and fortifying their resilience against the challenges posed by climate change.

Being in a position of financial security amid prevailing economic uncertainties is a testament to your steadfast commitment to coral reef conservation. Your support is critical, and we couldn’t undertake this mission without you.

*Does not include a $3.2M federal grant secured by CORAL in 2023

—Rob Watt, Treasurer

& Support

Revenue and Support

Foundation and government grants$1,738,753
Individual and corporate contributions$1,851,775
Other revenue$69,672
Total revenue and support$3,660,200


Program services$3,235,405
Management and general$288,919
Total expenses$4,264,788
Net Assets

Net Assets

Change in net assets$101,091
Net assets, beginning of year$3,860,113
Total net assets, end of year$3,961,204

Thank you from the CORAL team

In our 30th year, our commitment to protecting the world’s coral reefs has never been stronger. With optimism and science driving our mission, we push forward into this milestone year, knowing that there is hope for the future of reefs. 

By forging networks of resilient reefs, our scientists, advocates, supporters and partners are offering corals a better chance of survival in the face of climate change. Our team understands the magnitude of this task and the necessity for collective action. We continue to invest in healthier fisheries and cleaner water for healthier, adaptive reefs. Therefore, we remain steadfast in having an approach grounded in science and reflected in our program work, empowering communities to thrive and assume ownership of their resources. In this way, we proudly embody the essence of our name as an alliance.

YOU play an indispensable role in making our mission achievable. To honor our three decades of conservation work, we invite you to continue championing these crucial initiatives as we carry onward into our next thirty years.

—Heather Starck, Executive Director




Better Natures Foundation

Chris and Melody Malachowsky

W. Scott and Judith N. McNary Charitable Fund

Rob and Dawn Watt

John and Vicky Whitley

Shannon Williams



Margaret Anderson and Bruce McConnell

Jeff and Mary Ann Chanin

The Bear Gulch Foundation

The Boger Family Foundation

Katharyn Gerlich

Sara Hinkle

Doug Huestis and Barb Klencke

Murray and Jeanie Kilgour

The Erin Byrne Lynch Fund

PM Marvin and Joanne McIntyre Family Foundation

Jim and Megan Minarik

The Templeton Family Foundation

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Toretsky

Cathy and David Turino



The Clai and Brian Bachmann Charitable Fund

Joyce and Roland Bryan

Julie Chaiken and Ethan Grigsby

Karen Cohn

John and Sueyin DeBorde

The Rose and David Dortort Foundation

John and Fletcher Forbes

Peggy Gennatiempo

Rita and Leo Greenland Family Foundation

James and Vicki Handa

Barry Ishikawa

Roger Janeway

Nalani Kele

Kelly/Butler Donor Advised Fund

Marjorie Klayman

C.B. Laub Family Foundation

Anne London

Andrea Nacca

Public Property Financing Corporation of California

Heather Starck

Jim and Ginger Tolonen

Tucker Family Foundation

C. Elizabeth Wagner



Patricia J. Appold Family Charitable Fund

G. P. “Buzz” Avery

Heidi Barrett

Erin Berman

Bruce Berning

Chloe Bremner

Daniel and Barbara Brodnitz

Michael and Jane Brown

Laura Buchbinder

Cyril Burchenal

Christian Family Foundation

B. Crosby Byers

Joseph and Melissa Casale

Barbara and Joseph Chambers

Lynann Chance

Davina Chen

Peggy Chen and Julian Lee

Lance and Kathy Chilton

Kimberly Codiamat

Jessica Cohen

Steve and Debbie Cohen

Joseph Coyne

Walter and Lauren Craig

The Cross Family Fund

Benjamin Curran

Shannon Daly

Buzz and Cindy Danner

Katherine Delhotal

David Demming

Sharon DePriester

Douglas and Martha Dyckes

Michael Eggebrecht

Eisenberg Family Foundation

Estrada Family Giving Fund

Beth Fabinsky

Andrew Fairley

Feldman Family Fund

Randall and Beth Ferguson

Aaron Fink and Vicki Porter-Fink

Stephen and Lana Fitzpatrick

Suzanne Fontaine and Andre Brandt

Susan Freedman

Nancy Garren

Jack and Debbie Gibson

Cindy and John Glancy

Sandra Glenn

Joshua Glover

Douglas Golann

Goldfarb Family Fund

Maria Jose Gonzalez

Linyu Guo

Gutierrez Family Charitable Fund

Carl and Beth Gwinn

FBO Hampson Family Charitable Fund

Dennis Hastings

Hirth Family Foundation

Hoffer Family Foundation

Craig Holmes

Betsy Hughes

Jeanette Jackson

Gus Janeway

Marcia and Dale Johnson

The Jones Family Foundation

Alexandra Jones

Alexander Julie

Sarah Kerem

Kissinger Family Foundation

Robert Klein

Mark Kubik

Randy Levine

Ronald Libby and Janene Miller

William Lloyd

Dennis Lund

Tony Lundberg

Whitney Lynn and Travis Townsend

Genevieve and Tom Marsh

Kreg Martin

Mary Institute Country Day School

Eric McCallum and Robin Smith

Michelle McCombs

Susan McCready

Kathy McDonnell

Belle and Duncan McDougall

Dylan Measells

The Meier and Berlinghof Families Fund

Manuel and Angela Mejia

Brian and Heidi Miller

Donna Miller

Joe Miller

Eugene Monnier

Paul and Sandra Montrone

Bob Nakib

Nash Giving Fund

John Newton

William Oberbeck

Frank Orson

Kathryn and Richard Osten

Robert Overby and David Salice

PAJWELL Foundation

Andrew Palmieri

Anjali Pathmanathan

Julian and Katherine Potenza

Patricia Price

Simon Pyatkin

Molly Weeden Pyne

Rachel Racanelli

Colton Rahav

Ian and Kira Reed

Maureen Richardson

Linda Rogers

Jason and Nancy Rosenthal

Rebecca Rubin

Heather Runes and Rodney Prell

Samantha Russell

Monica and Russell Ryan

Ishan Saraf

Mike and Kathryn Schnetzer

Thomas and Hilary Schroeder

Gaidig Secher

Fred Silvester

Raina and Kai Smithley

Ellen Smolka and Tom Wolf

Margaret Snowdon Family Fund

Greg Sparks

Christopher Spencer

Bryce Sprecher

Steve and Lindy Starck

Greg Steele

John Stires and Sarah Heiman

Roshan Strong

Lydia and Jason Taylor

Jennifer Teixeira

Paul and Leigh Tischler

Adam Tratt and Deb Rappaport

Chia-Yin Tu

David and Joanne Turner

Jon and Nicole Ungar

William and Farina van Veen

Patricia Wade

Kathryn Walder

William and Ann Marie Waller

Sam Warren and Neala Kendall

Julie Watt

Philip Weinberg

The Weinstein Foundation

Weisman Family Foundation

Gregory and Patti White

Russell and Linda Wiitala

Mark Winnett

The Jennifer and James Wood Foundation

Jeff Yonover

Grant Ito and JoAnn Yosemori

Katharine and John Youngblood

Christopher Zirpoli and Rachel Carr



Atherton Family Foundation

Andrew R. and Janet F. Miller Foundation

Argosy Foundation

Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

The Campbell Foundation

Chicago Community Foundation at the recommendation of Builders Initiative

Flotilla Foundation

Flora Family Foundation


Hawai’i Community Foundation

IBJ Foundation

Lyda Hill Philanthropies

The Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation

Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) Fund

The Monarch Foundation

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust

The Overbrook Foundation

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation


The Summit Foundation

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Turing Foundation

UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the International Development Research Centre

Corporate Partners

Acoustic Coffee

Ally Logistics

Ana Luisa

Babo Botanicals

Bambucha Kombucha

Beitel Group

Big Kahuna Spirits

Brooklyn Brigade

Coleman Associates

Color the World Cosmetics

Copper Bonnet Distillery

Del Sol


Evade Reef Company

Flexpower Health Inc

Fresh Clean Threads


Grant Industries


HORN Garment



Made by Mantra


MARE Swimwear

Moon Rock Wellness

Nemo Eco

Nudi Wear

Olita Shop

ONSET Computers

Project Reef

ProService Hawaii

Pura Vida Bracelets

Riot Games


Sea Star Beachwear

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Waddle Games


Workplace Giving

Abbott Laboratories

Activision Blizzard


America’s Best Local Charities (CFC)

American Express

Ameriprise Financial



Best Buy

Blue Shield of California

Boeing Company

Booz Allen Hamilton




Charles Schwab

City of Orlando






Estee Lauder Companies

Expedia Group





Hewlett Packard


Johnson & Johnson

JPMorgan Chase and Co.

Kaiser Permanente



Levi Strauss

Liberty Mutual





Mile High United Way

Morgan Stanley


Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Piper Sandler Companies

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Progress Software


Q2 Holdings, Inc

Rockwell Spark




Silicon Valley Bank

Spiral Financial




Take Two Software


The Clorox Company

The Trade Desk


Total Quality Logistics

U.S. Bank







Zillow Group


Memorials and Bequests

Soma Abrams

Lynn Ammend

Soma Ares

Stephanie Baker

Sarah Bennetts

Mary Lee Bishop

Willem Brand

Tammy Brown

Sheryl Butler

Patrick Campbell

Nathan Canfield

H. D. Chitwood

Jeffery Cohen

Sean Crisco

Blake Crowe

Violet Daigle

Neftalia Dickson

John Dewitte Dickson

Kuihealani and Leinaala Doria

Jack Dougherty

Gordon Fisher

Eleanor Gibbs

Michele Haber

Wayne Hasson

Lorraine Hemenway

Tony Honer

Linda Horn

Bill Kerr

Luke Kicklighter

Tom Longo

Joe and Joan Lynch

Nyoman Macok Mamiri

Nora Marks

Robert Maxwell

Philip Mazzulla

George Moran

Ryan Moriarty

Costanza Moroni

Paul Allen Myers

Greg Norton

Alvaro Rangel

Jeff Rehberger

Aaron Ritter

Samir Rizk

Patrick Rockstroh

Eugene Roediger

Peter Schliemann

Jan Shemanske

Becky Swanson

Caralyn Turner

Palma Umana

Estate of William Bruce Van Dyke

Gale Wagner

Tyler Justin Webb

Thank you to each and every donor who made a contribution in 2023! We couldn’t do this work without you.

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