What happens on one coral reef can affect another coral reef hundreds of miles away. Ocean currents carry coral larvae (babies) from one reef to another, which means that saving coral reefs relies on regional collaboration.

To help build reef resilience and protect large, connected networks of coral reefs, we:

Build partnerships

We bring the right people to the table to create unique, collaborative working groups that unite all those with a stake in the health of reefs across geographic regions.

Ana Valdez marks down measurements of a fisherman's catch

Advocate for regional policies

We inform and support the creation of regional policies that protect coral reefs across boundaries and political borders.

Share Knowledge

We use our collaborations in Honduras, Mexico, and Hawai‘i as opportunities to research and develop new conservation approaches so we can build resources that help other communities learn from our experiences and replicate our successes.

Regional Stories
Honduras coastline

Making the Case for a Biological Corridor

In 2018, a law passed that opened up parts of the Honduran North Coast to commercial fishing—prior, only artisanal fishers were able to fish within certain areas. While some of the coastline lies within marine protected areas (MPAs), we suspected that fish populations along the coastline were all connected. If the MPAs weren’t somehow connected,… Continue Reading →

Dr. Antonella Rivera

There’s Nothing Romantic About Sewage

There’s a certain romanticized notion of what it must be like to be a coral reef scientist: living in a tropical environment with beautiful white sand beaches, snorkeling and diving every day, surrounded by colorful wildlife and pristine turquoise waters. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? And for Dr. Antonella Rivera, Principal Investigator for the Coral Reef… Continue Reading →

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