Our mission is to save the world’s coral reefs.

We work at local, regional, and global levels to keep coral reefs healthy, so they can adapt to climate change and survive for generations to come. As one of the largest global NGOs focused exclusively on protecting coral reefs, the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) has used cutting-edge science and community engagement for nearly 30 years to reduce direct threats to reefs and to promote scalable and effective solutions for their protection.

At every step of our journey, our alliance has grown bigger, more passionate, more resilient.

Loving the Ocean

We came into existence because of the reverence and wonderment that people have for corals and the beautiful environments they create.

Credit: Shaun Wolfe / Ocean Image Bank

Finding Our Sea Legs

This appreciation turned into a mission that galvanized the SCUBA diving community to take action to protect coral reefs.

Finding a Community

This small band of coral enthusiasts soon realized it wouldn’t be able to take on the task of protecting coral reefs alone, so we began forging collaborative partnerships with local communities closely connected to coral reefs.

Leading with Science

With the effects of climate change increasingly impacting reefs, we sought to fill a knowledge gap and launched a cutting-edge research program to investigate how corals adapt to changing ocean conditions.

Photo by Roatán Marine Park
Photo by Roatán Marine Park

Leading with Hope

Today, our research that shows corals can adapt to climate change gives us, and our partners, hope. We’re partnering with communities, NGOs, governments, and others to turn our science into action around the world.

Leading the Way

Our collective work at local, regional, and global scales positions us to ensure that coral reefs flourish and provide benefits to humans and wildlife for generations to come.

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Help save the world’s coral reefs