Addressing Overfishing in Tela, Honduras

Your donation allowed us and our partners to ensure that a highly coveted lagoon and popular fish breeding ground was properly patrolled against illegal fishing. This, along with our previous efforts to set boundaries around fishing rights, led to a 483% increase in fish biomass in the lagoon.… Continue Reading →


Catalog of Fish Species in Tela Bay, Honduras

Local fishers held a wealth of knowledge of the various fish species of the region, but that information wasn’t documented anywhere. Now, by partnering with the fishers to create detailed fish catalogs for the region, CORAL has helped preserve this vast local expertise and make it more accessible to the general public.


Monthly Monitoring Protocol: Laguna de los Micos, Tela, Atlántida

The objective of this monthly lagoon monitoring program is to evaluate the state of fisheries in Laguna de los Micos to better understand the impact of lagoon closures. Although this methodology was developed for Laguna de Los Micos, this protocol can be implemented in any lagoon along the Honduran Caribbean coast.


Fisheries Management Plan for Tela Bay, Honduras

The Fisheries Management Plan for Tela Bay seeks to establish a tool for the integrated and sustainable development of fishing activity in Tela Bay. The management plan seeks to achieve three main objectives that integrate three key areas for the management of fisheries resources: ecological, social and economic.

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