As one of the largest global NGOs focused exclusively on coral reefs, and as a leader in the science of coral reef conservation, we build partnerships to address global threats to reefs and ensure their protection.

Global threats. Global research. Global partnership.

We believe in the power of science. We lead ground-breaking research to understand exactly how corals adapt—and that research tells us that corals can adapt to climate change if we keep a variety of reef types healthy and if climate emissions are brought under control.

Through our Global Conservation Science program, we:

Spearhead research

We launch cutting-edge research to understand which conservation strategies best help corals adapt to the effects of climate change, including warming ocean temperatures.

Inform conservation

We know it will take a global village to save coral reefs—that’s why we partner with other NGOs, scientists, and policy makers to turn our research into action, giving corals the best chance of surviving.

Build alliances

We work with partners like the Allen Coral Atlas to ground-truth satellite-based technology and use it to address global threats to reefs, like coral bleaching.

Share knowledge

We share resources, research, lessons learned, and successes with communities and conservationists around the world to keep evolution at the forefront of conservation strategies.

Global Stories
allen coral atlas coral reefs

The Allen Coral Atlas Introduces the First Comprehensive Map of Shallow Water Coral Reefs

On September 8, 2021, it was officially announced that a comprehensive map and monitoring system of the world’s shallow water coral reefs, the Allen Coral Atlas, was completed. This tremendous effort was led by Arizona State University in collaboration with scientists, universities, private entities, and NGOs across the globe—including the Coral Reef Alliance. The tool… Continue Reading →

Coral bleaching in Hawaii

Uniting A Global Coral Bleaching Response Network

Coral bleaching events make headlines every year. And each year, bleaching events have become more frequent and severe. Take Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, for example: In the last five years, the reef has been hit by three record-breaking coral bleaching events—one in 2016, one in 2017 and another in 2020.   But the Allen Coral Atlas… Continue Reading →

Could satellite-based technology save coral reefs?

Atlases and maps are helpful for planning trips and exploring geography, but researchers believe they may also serve another, more important purpose: Identifying priority coral reef conservation areas. With a new three-year $300,000 grant from Lyda Hill Philanthropies, the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) and partners can begin to test their hypothesis that satellite-based imagery and… Continue Reading →

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