2020 Annual Report

This past year was a year of evolution–for all of us, as we all learned to navigate a new, ever-changing normal, and for coral reefs. Just like the reefs we work hard to protect, we grew, we adapted, and we overcame. In the end, despite the challenges and hardship, 2020 was a good year for coral reefs. Learn why in our 2020 Annual Report.

Letter from the Executive Director I Financial Statements I Thank You to Our Donors

Letter from the Executive Director

One month after I started as CORAL’s Executive Director early last year, the pandemic hit and we found ourselves in new territory. We know that our efforts are only as strong as our local partners—so we quickly pivoted and dedicated our resources to keeping communities and their conservation efforts afloat.

We reached out to our tremendous donors and institutional funders to help support our partners and cover their costs. We found creative and safe ways to bring communities together, and keep them feeling connected to their natural resources and the programs that protect them. We turned to science, and took advantage of the low visitor rates to establish baseline data on coral reef health without the added pressure of tourism. And we did all of it while prioritizing the health and safety of our own team.

Because of your support, we’re well positioned to make this year an even better year for coral reefs and the communities that depend upon them.

Thank you for helping us save the world’s coral reefs,

Dr. Madhavi Colton
Executive Director

Financial Statements

Although 2020 brought many unknowns, CORAL ended the year in a strong financial position. Your passion for protecting coral reefs was evident this year—you helped us achieve one of our strongest fundraising years ever, bringing fiscal year 2020 to a close with $2.5 million in individual and corporate donations.

And you can be confident that your donation went where it was needed most—nearly three-quarters of our total expenses went directly toward our conservation programs that are saving the world’s coral reefs.

As coral reefs face numerous threats around the world and the race against warming ocean temperatures continues, our work is more important than ever before. Our strong financial position will allow us to do even more in 2021 to protect these underwater treasures for generations to come.

Rob Watt

Revenue and Support
Individual and corporate contributions $ 2,457,514
Foundation and government grants $ 1,567,791
Other revenue $ 31,534
Total revenue and support: $4,056,839
Program services $2,467,644
Management and general $432,084
Fundraising $ 530,375
Total expenses: $3,430,103
Net Assets
Change in net assets $ 626,736
Net assets, beginning of year $ 1,975,141
Total net assets, end of year$2,601,877

Thank You to Our Donors

It was you, our generous donors, that made our work in 2020 possible. You are protecting coral reefs for generations to come—protecting the hundreds of animals that call reefs home and the millions of people who rely upon reefs for food and income.  Thank you, gracias, and mahalo for joining our alliance and helping us save one of the world’s most crucial ecosystems.

Corals are the backbone of our marine ecosystem and key to maintaining healthy oceans and life on our planet. It is essential that humanity realizes the importance of saving coral reefs worldwide, and continuing to do everything we can to reduce the effects of human caused climate change.

Joe Casale, CORAL Council Member

Champions of the Reef ($10,000+)

The Bear Gulch Foundation
David W. Blackburn
Jeff Chanin
Debbie and Steven Cohen
Lili and Wilson Ervin
Holly and Jeff Fogle
Suzanne Frey
David Greenewalt Charitable Trust
HollyJolly Foundation
The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation
William O. and Anita B. Kerr
The Light and Nature Foundation
Ellen and Jim Lussier
Mac and Leslie McQuown
Janet and Andrew Miller
Monarch Foundation
Nunu Charitable Fund
Jim and Ginger Tolonen
Elizabeth Wagner
Robert Watt
Mr. and Mrs. Whitley

The cause of saving coral reefs is an urgent and important one. CORAL has put together a strong strategy and leadership team. The organization has not only survived, but is doing well in the face of a very challenging economic environment and a pandemic.

Jim Lussier, Outgoing Board member and Champion of the Reef

Guardians of the Reef ($1,000+)

Melissa Aaron
Gabrielle Armendariz
G.P. Buzz Avery
Foster Bam
Tyler Barker
Heidi Barrett
Boger Family Foundation
Jeffrey Bohn
James-Lonnie Bowler
Braaten Busse
Joseph Casale
Cynthia Casgrain
Joseph and Barbara Chambers
Lynann Chance
Christopher Cherney
The Terri Chernick and Charles Meyer Charitable Fund
Guy Collins
Colonial Hill Foundation
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Daniel Cousino
Walter Craig
B. Crosby Byers
Buzz and Cindy Danner
The David A. Lewis Peace Fund
The Thomas R. and Deborah A. Davidson Foundation
Sharon Depriester
Naomi and Dorothy Donnelley Charitable Lead Fund
Caroline Donnelly
The Rose and David Dortort Foundation
Fred M. Drennan
William Dudley
Dudnick Detwiler Rivin and Stikker LLP
Douglas and Martha Dyckes
David and Sarah Epstein
Jennifer and Scott Etter
Beth Fabinsky
Andrew Fairley
Barbara, Richard, and Suzanne Fontaine
Linden Foos
John and Fletcher Forbes
Susan Freedman
The Fullgraf Foundation
Christine Funk
Charla Gabert
Irene Gawel Money Giving Fund
Jack P. and Debbie Gibson
Cole Giovannoni
Glancy Family Trust
Sandra Glenn
Bianca Gonzalez
Grace Family Foundation
Michelle and Jonathan Green Charitable Fund
Rita and Leo Greenland Family Foundation
Shaun Griffith
Timothy S. Gudukas
John and Jane Guild
Omar Hammami
James Handa
Shannon Harell
John Hauswirth
Daniel Havir
Renee Herzing
Hiemstra Family Charitable Giving Fund
The Hirth Family Foundation
Steven R. Hoekman and Nancy J. Bauer
Robert Hoffer Family Foundation
Craig Holmes
Doug Huestis
Betsy Hughes
Humanity Foundation
Matt Humphreys
Ryan Huning
Masato Inoue
Joel Jakubson
Roger Janeway
Jewish Communal Fund
Blair and Ann Jones
Lisa Kaeck
The KCS Pacific Foundation
Shane and Vani Keil
Rusty Kelly and JP Stephenson
Kelly/Butler Donor Advised Fund
Morris and Jeannette Kessel Fund
Jeanie and Murray Kilgour
William Kissinger
Marjorie Klayman
Alexander Klein
Andrew Klein
Jillian Kreston
Sam Laane
Craig B. Laub
Aileen Lee
Taylor Leese
Jeffrey Lehmer
Helaine Lerner
Donald and Mari Lobo
Whitney Lynn
Genevieve Marsh
Kreg Martin
Robert McCarthy
Susan McCready
W. Scott and Judy McNary Charitable Fund
Brian Miller
Joe H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Monnier
Nancy Munro
Bob Nakib
John Newton
Sisi Nimbus
Brendan O’Grady and Priscilla Tan
William Oberbeck
Alyson Owen and Criag Oliner
John Ormand
Steve Pickle
John Platts
Jonathan F. and Sara Jane Plehn
Julian and Katherine Potenza
Anne Powell
Raghav Radhakrishnan
Patricia and Robert Ragan
The Riedlinger Family
Nancy Rieger
Camille Riner
Jason and Brooke Rodier
Stephanie and Daniel Rosekopanke
Heather Runes and Rodney Prell
Kirby Ryan
Tim and Robyn Schaiff
The Marius Schilder Da Fund
Liz Schwarzbach
Ruth Shapiro
FNU Shreyas
Siena Private Wealth
Ellen Smolka and Tom Wolf
Margaret Snowden Family Fund
The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
Jen Star Foundation
Greg Steele
Cameron Stewart
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Toretsky
Adam Tratt
Elna Tsao
David Turner
Jon and Nicole Ungar
Elise P. van Buren Foundation
Patricia Wade
Tamara Wainer
William and Ann Waller
James and Judith Warner
Laura Waters
Julie Watt
Dan Weinstein
Weisman Family Foundation
Robert Wells
Beth Wendel and Randall Fergueson
Gina Whitaker
Debi and Wes White
Sonja Wilder
Williams Family Fund
Mark Winnett
The Wolfe Foundation
Jennifer Woods Tierney
Jeff Yonover
Katharine and John Youngblood
Michael Zakrewsky
Dina Zimmerman
Christopher Zirpoli and Rachel Carr

Among CORAL’s many strengths is building capacity in its on-the-ground partners, which has been particularly critical given the devastating economic impacts of the pandemic. CORAL’s commitment to achieving meaningful, measurable outcomes mirrors our own, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years.

Cheri Recchia, Ph.D., Summit Foundation

Institutional Funders

Arthur L. & Elaine V. Johnson Foundation
Atherton Family Foundation
Bently Foundation
Bonnell Cove Foundation
The Campbell Foundation
The Flora Family Foundation
Hawai’i Community Foundation
Hawai’i Department of Health
Hawai’i Tourism Authority (HTA)
MAR Fund
The Moore Family Foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The Overbrook Foundation
Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
The Summit Foundation
Temple Isaiah Seventh Grade Fund
The Tiffany & Co. Foundation
The Turing Foundation
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Waterkeepers Alliance

Corporate Partners ($5,000+)

Boston Consulting Group
Brooklyn Brigade
Gili Sports
Hailey Home
Hawaiian Airlines
Precision Strategies NYC Operations
Willie’s Superbrew Hard Seltzer


I chose CORAL because as a diver and entrepreneur, I like that CORAL’s approach is backed by science. They focus their initiatives on reefs and not administration, and I genuinely believe they are 100% focused on coral reef preservation. Working with them has been easy and enjoyable, as well.

Jay Regan, CEO of Gili Sports and CORAL Council Member

Workplace Giving ($1,000+)

Apple Matching Gifts Program
Google Matching Gifts Program
Jackson Healthcare
Johnson and Johnson
Local Independent Charities of America
Merck Foundation
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Wonderful Giving

Tribute Recipients ($1,000+)

Anthony Birdsey
John Byron Tanner and Rudolf Meck Hergenrother
Dr Jiulia Cambie
Garett G. Donnelly
Mark Epstein
Jon, Michelle, Carly, and Robin Green
Larry Haimovitch
James Handa
Monty Hemple
Masato Inoue
Lance Prince
Wendy and Hans Weber
Jessica Theresa White
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