Dear CORAL community,

Our work to save the world’s coral reefs remains critically important and we are rising to the challenge of keeping up our conservation momentum while working from home offices, living rooms, and kitchen tables. Much of our work can continue through phone calls, video chats, and email. Some of our work will be delayed until it is safe to be back outside interacting with people. We see this as a time to step forward, rather than to step back.

And we want to make sure that you and your family can continue learning about coral reefs during these uncertain times. We’ve compiled a list of resources below to keep children and young adults educated and entertained. If you know of any other resources, feel free to email them to us at, and we’ll add it to the list!


  • Watch the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral
  • Watch a coral reef in action with Coral City Camera, streaming live from a reef in Miami
  • Go for a virtual dive with The Hydrous
  • Watch live episodes with STEM experts
  • Watch this Coral Reefs 101 video from National Geographic
  • See corals through Sam’s eyes in National Geographic’s “What Sam Sees”
  • Learn with Maxy, and discover 8 interesting facts about coral reefs
  • Learn about coral reef symbiosis with the California Academy of Sciences
  • Watch films from the largest environmental film festival
  • Watch our educational videos to learn more about coral reefs and how to be a sustainable traveler
    • Module 1 begins our “dive” into the incredible underwater world of coral reefs. You will learn about coral reef geography, biology, and ecology, as well as the value of coral reefs to people and wildlife around the globe.
    • In Module 2,  you’ll find out about the global crisis facing coral reefs today, and why over 75% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened. We cover local threats like water pollution and overfishing, as well as global threats like coral bleaching and ocean acidification.
    • In Module 3, you will discover that there is hope for coral reefs, and that you are part of the solution. We cover simple actions that you can take as an individual to help coral reefs and share some of the amazing conservation work being done to save coral reefs.
    • In Module 4, we discuss how tourism, if managed sustainably, can play an important role in protecting coral reefs. You will learn why tourism professionals and tourists are in a unique position to help.


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