Stormwater Treatment the Natural Way

Low Impact Design & Development—An Overview for the Accommodations Industry in Hawai’i

About this Guide

Low Impact Design (LID) and Development is an environmentally-friendly approach to managing stormwater and protecting Hawai‘i’s unique coral reefs. Hotels, condominiums, and resorts that use LID principles can significantly lower infrastructure costs, solve flooding, pooling, or runoff problems, increase marketability, add aesthetic value, and protect valuable marine ecosystems found in Hawai‘i. This overview is intended to provide a practical introduction to LID principles and describe their specific relevance and uses within hotel and resort properties in Hawai‘i. Topics covered include:

  • LID effects on watershed health
  • Economic, social, and environmental benefits of LID
  • LID projects that hotels can implement
  • Case studies of LID projects in Hawai‘i
  • Getting started with LID (permitting, site planning, etc.)
  • Negative effects of stormwater runoff on coral reef health

Who Is this Guide for?

This guide was developed for the hotel and accommodations industry in Hawai‘i including, but not limited to:

  • Property managers
  • Maintenance and facilities personnel
  • Guests
  • Hotel and condominium owners

It is also useful for project planners, investors, business owners, and the extended property management and development community at large. The overview describes LID use within existing hotels and resorts and provides background to help guide new development and redevelopment projects, retrofits and renovations.


Thank you to the primary authors, Lauren Roth Venu, Matt Moore M.Sc (Roth Ecological Design Int’l LLC), and the CORAL staff members that contributed to this guide.

A very special thank you to NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program for providing funding for this guide.

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