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Based in

Mexico (Quintana Roo)

Dr. Andrea Rivera-Sosa

Project and Outreach Manager

Andrea Rivera-Sosa, Ph.D., is a marine biologist who has followed her life dreams of studying coral reefs in the Virgin Islands, Moorea, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Mesoamerican region. She is a diver, reef monitor, and trainer on coral bleaching, stressors, and ecology. She received her doctoral degree in marine science at CINVESTAV, México. She received her bachelor’s degree at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and a master’s degree in water and coastal management at the University of Plymouth in the U.K. As CORAL’s Project and Outreach Manager for the Global Conservation Science program, she works with multiple groups worldwide to monitor coral bleaching and collaborates with conservation scientists globally to improve the Allen Coral Atlas bleaching detection features and coordinate on-the-ground responses. Andrea is also an entrepreneur in Bacalar, México, alongside her partner and her three dogs, and she enjoys leading environmental events in her local community.

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