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Honduras (Tela Bay)

Greissi Villatoro

Community Scientist

Greissi Villatoro was born in the community of El Marión which is part of the Blanca Janeth Kawas Fernández National Park in Tela, Honduras. Ever since she was a child, Greissi has been involved in various fishing activities because fishing is the main economic activity of the community where she lives.

She has been working at the Coral Reef Alliance as a Community Scientist for the Micos Lagoon since 2018. Among the activities she carries out is collecting data through fishing monitoring, which is of great importance to know the status and promote initiatives for the protection, recovery, and sustainable use of the resource. Greissi ‘s work provides an essential contribution to the conservation of the coral reefs in Tela Bay, which are part of the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR).

Our past, our present and whatever remains of our future, absolutely depend on what we do now.

Sylvia Earle
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