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Effective Management for the Pacific Remote Islands

I was thrilled when I heard the news about President Obama creating the largest marine reserve in the world by expanding the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument (PRINMM). At CORAL, we work all over the world to create networks of marine protected areas. But with any marine protected area, successful management is always a struggle. And it’s something we’re working to address. How do you make sure a marine protected area is going to be managed and enforced, and how do you get the local community and stakeholders to buy-in and support the effort? So naturally when I heard about the PRINMM, I couldn’t help but wonder—how is the area going to be managed? How are they going to get the buy-in of key stakeholders? How will they enforce regulations? The new reserve is going to be six times its current size—it will span across 383,000 acres. And it holds some of the most pristine and healthy coral reef ecosystems in the world. … [Read more...]