Thank You for Standing Up for Coral Reefs in 2022

Thank you, gracias, mahalo. From all of us at CORAL, we want you to know that we are so grateful for your generous support in 2022. Your gift to save coral reefs helps support countless coastal communities and protect marine species that rely on these vital ecosystems. Thanks to you, we’ve kept ocean waters free… Continue Reading →

Local Project Led by Women Combats Overfishing in Honduras

In Tela Honduras, a local farming project is helping to combat overfishing and repopulate the area’s vital coral reefs. The initiative supports local efforts that utilize alternative sources of food and income, in order to support a coastal community that is highly dependent on fishing.  Our financial support, along with assistance from Tela’s environmental committee,… Continue Reading →

Your FAQs About Coral Reefs, Answered

We all know coral reefs are beautiful…but to many of us, they are also a bit of a mystery.  Here at CORAL, we are dedicated to saving the world’s coral reefs and regularly receive questions about what they are and why they’re so important. To clear up your doubts, Dr. Helen Fox, CORAL’s Conservation Science… Continue Reading →

Thank You For Fighting Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease 

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD), a new illness that kills the soft tissue of more than 25 coral species, has been wreaking havoc underwater in the Mesoamerican Reef region. To fight back, we are working with local partners to stop the spread and ultimately save our valuable coral reefs.  SCTLD moves quickly and has… Continue Reading →

Thank You for Investing in Water and Sanitation

Clean water is critical—both for the health of coral reefs and the communities that depend on them. That’s why we support sanitation efforts in places like Coxen Hole, Honduras. Coxen Hole is a community on the island of Roatan, which is located just off the country’s northern coastline. Coxen Hole depends on its coral reefs,… Continue Reading →

New Educational Videos That Focus on Protecting Coral Reefs

After more than 25 years of coral reef conservation work, we’ve celebrated many successes and evaluated lessons learned. We firmly believe that by sharing our gained knowledge, we will reach new communities in the world and help implement actions that protect coral reefs.  In recent educational videos, Dr. Antonella Rivera, CORAL’s Principle Investigator in Tegucigalpa,… Continue Reading →

Thank You for Supporting CORAL’s Volunteers in Maui

We are proud to support a dedicated team of local volunteers in Maui, Hawai’i, as they work to protect the valuable coral reefs in their community.  By using “best management practices,” which are effective measures used to reduce marine pollution, we are able to minimize sediment pollution on coral reefs. Our volunteers grow and plant native… Continue Reading →

Thank You for Supporting CORAL in 2021 

Your donation means everything to us.  It keeps ocean waters free of pollution, addresses overfishing, and helps us fight coral bleaching. With your help, coastal communities and local partners remain resilient and our leading scientists continue their cutting-edge research and innovation. From near and far, our global team of passionate environmentalists would like to say… Continue Reading →

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