Reconnecting with the ‘Aina to Save Coral Reefs in Hawai’i

Land management plays an important role in Hawaiian culture, as well as the protection of nearby coral reefs. On the island of Maui, Noor, a local Restoration Biologist, and Poema, a Hawaiian Cultural and Plant Specialist, describe the significance of caring for the land in Hawai‘i. 

Traditionally in Hawaiian culture, each person has a kuleana [responsibility], which ensures balance and harmony for all. Noor and Poema show locals from the island how they can leave a positive impact and give back to the island by caring for the land. 

Here at CORAL, we understand the vital impact of land management, both for local communities and coral reefs. That’s why we trap sediment before it reaches the ocean, by planting native plants in West Maui. To learn more about the work we do, check out our program.

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