Coral reefs are better off because of you.

This past year brought tough news for coral reefs—several climate change reports shared discouraging new information about what their future holds. But here’s the good news: corals CAN adapt to climate change, and because of you, they’re in a better position to do so.


million gallons of raw sewage were kept off the Mesoamerican Reef by your donation


tons of sediment were prevented from smothering Maui’s coral reefs because of your support


biomass increase of the most harvested fish species in Tela, Honduras was because of you

Your continued support gives coral reefs a fighting chance against climate change.

Your donation to the Coral Reef Alliance helped reduce local stressors to coral reefs, like overfishing and poor water quality. By keeping corals healthy, you ensured they were in a better position to adapt to warming ocean temperatures. Take a look back at what your donation accomplished in 2021:

Roatan coastline

Could Cleaner Water Mean Farewell for Coral Disease?

Lea esto en español When improperly treated sewage enters the marine environment, it can have devastating effects on a coral reef. Not only does it bring bacteria that can pose a threat to human health, but it also brings nutrients that fuel the growth of algae—a fierce competitor in the coral reef ecosystem. Algae compete… Continue Reading →

Working group meeting in Tela

Want to Protect Fisheries? Involve the Community.

Lea esto en español During a recent interview, Dr. Antonella Rivera, CORAL’s Principal Investigator in Honduras, perfectly summed up our approach to conservation: “If we really want to make a difference with science, we have to involve the people who are most affected.” People and communities are always at the forefront of our work to… Continue Reading →

Screen shot of the Allen Coral Atlas

CORAL Partners with Allen Coral Atlas

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we just received a new $850,000, three-year grant from the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation to support facilitating a global network to monitor coral bleaching and water quality threat alerts from the Allen Coral Atlas. A new partner of ours, the Atlas is a collaboration of scientists and researchers… Continue Reading →

Credit: Antonio Busiello

The beauty of coral reefs and the sea life they attract is breathtaking. It is essential to protect and preserve coral reefs, now more than ever, in the face of climate change.

Margaret A. Cotoia, donor since 1999

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