5 Ways To Dive Into #EarthDay with CORAL!

Welcome, ocean enthusiasts and environmental champions! Happy Earth Day!

Throughout this Earth Month, we’ve been diving into discussions about how each of us is intricately connected to the ocean and our precious coral reefs. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, the ocean touches every aspect of our lives, reminding us of the profound impact we have on our big blue planet.

Today, on Earth Day, let’s turn our reflections into action. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the ways we can all work together to protect and preserve our oceans for future generations. From reducing our plastic consumption to supporting coral conservation initiatives, there are countless ways we can make a difference and ensure a healthier, more sustainable planet for all.

Photo by Marcos Borsatto

1 – Ride the Wave with our #30for30 Campaign and Match Gift

Ready to ride the wave of change with us? As we celebrate our 30th year of coral conservation excellence, #EarthDay presents a unique opportunity for us to come together and make a meaningful impact. This year, alongside our milestone anniversary, we’ve launched our #30for30 fundraiser, encouraging our audience (You!) to donate $30 this month. Your support ensures our projects have the resources to make a lasting difference for our oceans.

But here’s the exciting news – Thanks to a generous donor, every donation you make during Earth Month will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $20,000! That means your $30 donation instantly becomes $60, doubling the impact of your gift and helping us achieve even greater results for coral conservation.

Your generous contributions are the lifeblood of our work in coral reef conservation, enabling us to conduct essential research and engage with communities effectively. Each dollar you give moves us one step closer to a healthier, more vibrant ocean, ensuring the longevity and prosperity of these crucial ecosystems.

Sailing boat and coral reef in a tropical lagoon in the Maldives

2 – Share the Reef Love on Social Media

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for reef love and ocean inspiration. Dive into stunning underwater photos and catch behind-the-scenes glimpses of our conservation work. There’s something for everyone in our ocean-loving community.

But it’s not just about liking and scrolling – it’s about spreading the word and igniting change. Hit that share button, tag your friends, and let’s make some noise for coral conservation! Together, we can turn the tide and protect our oceans for generations to come.

If you haven’t already joined our ocean-loving community, now’s the perfect time! Click below to connect with us on social media 👇

3 – Make a Splash with Your Own Fundraiser

Feeling motivated to make a difference? You can channel that energy into creating your own CORAL fundraiser campaign. With our easy-to-use fundraising page, setting up your own campaign is a breeze. It’s a fantastic way to involve your friends, family, and wider network in coral reef conservation this Earth Month.

By organizing a fundraiser, you’re not only raising funds. You’re spreading awareness and passion for protecting these vital ecosystems. So why wait? Start a fundraiser for CORAL today and be a part of the solution!

Start a fundraiser for CORAL >

4 – Shop Our Corporate Partners

This Earth Day, your shopping can do more than just fill your cart – it can help protect our precious marine ecosystems. Join two of our corporate partners in making an impact on the health of our coral reefs. Each of these brands is committed to making a difference, offering unique ways for you to contribute to coral conservation while enjoying high-quality products.

🪸 Big Kahuna Spirits – For each bottle sold today, Big Kahuna donates €1 to CORAL https://bigkahunaspirits.com/en/

🪸 Koraru Sustainable Swim – For each swimsuit sold today, Koraru donates $5 to CORAL https://www.koraru.co/collections/shop-all-womens-swimwear?gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwlZixBhCoARIsAIC745Cj_j45jovKDGsCn2kGUpRZGSZPNFfP9DRYznMatCMiag7etuF9OTIaAmEWEALw_wcB

Photo by Yana Djana

5 – Participate in Local Initiatives

When it comes to Earth Day, giving back doesn’t always mean reaching into your wallet. Let’s talk about ways we can all get involved in coral conservation without spending a dime.

One of the most important ways to get involved is to be open to learning and to having conversations with those around you. We all have a responsibility to be aware of our environment and what is going on with our climate. Don’t be afraid to talk to friends and family about the importance of coral conservation and the threats facing our oceans.

Beyond that, getting involved in local cleanups or volunteer opportunities is a fantastic way to make a tangible impact. Whether it’s picking up trash on the beach or participating in a clean up dive, every action counts. By rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty (or wet!), we’re not just cleaning up our shores – we’re actively protecting marine life and preserving our precious coral reefs for generations to come.

Together, we can ensure a brighter future for coral reefs everywhere.

Photo by Wave Break Media

Earth Month and Beyond

As we spend the month celebrating our big blue planet, let’s reflect on the incredible impact we can make when we come together for coral conservation. From diving into the world of coral conservation to organizing fundraisers and spreading the word on social media, each of us plays a vital role in protecting our oceans.

But our work doesn’t end here. It’s a journey that continues long after Earth Day, as we strive to ensure a brighter future for coral reefs everywhere. So let’s stay connected, keep spreading the reef love, and continue to make waves for coral reefs!

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