Case Studies from the Hawai‘i Hotel Reef Stewardship Guide

Interested in finding more ideas on how you can reduce land-based pollution, cut costs by saving energy, and engage your guests in education and conservation programs? Read the examples below, and be sure to read the Hawai’i Hotel Reef Stewardship guide to learn about more ways to turn your hotel into a reef steward. 

Case Studies

The Kohanaiki resort community has developed a natural resource management plan in collaboration with Audubon International, and their golf course is slated to become the first on Hawai‘i Island to receive Audubon’s Silver Signature Course Certification. The resort constructed a reverse-osmosis system to support its irrigation, powered by photovoltaic panels.

Hualālai Resort has a Natural Resources Department, which strives to provide a sense of place, respect the traditions of the past, and promote a harmony with the land. They employ marine biologists, and offer marine education programs that include activities such as an Anchialine Pond Tour, Shark Adventures, Ocean Art Day, Ocean Life Exploration, a Catch and Release Fishing Tournament, a Junior Marine Biologist program, and more.

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