CORAL is Now a Fully Remote Workplace

Photo Credit: Kellon Spencer

From Oakland to Maui to Cozumel to Roatan, CORAL is truly spread throughout the world with staff that are working together to save coral reefs.

We started a transition to a fully remote workplace in 2020, and since then CORAL has been able to utilize a wider pool of talented staff members and provide a healthy work-life balance. It has also made it easier and more equitable for our staff who already worked across countries and time zones. 

To complete the transition, CORAL recently acquired a new address that utilizes a virtual mail service, which will benefit our global staff members and their work. Our donations and mail will now be accepted at a new address: 548 Market Street, Suite 29802, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401. 

“We are thrilled that CORAL has finally transitioned into a fully remote workplace,” says Heidi Myers, CORAL’s Finance and Operations Director. “By receiving our physical mail through an online service, I believe it will be significantly easier and more efficient for our staff members that are spread throughout the globe.” 

 If you have any questions regarding our new address change or remote culture, please reach out at

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