CORAL’s Mesoamerica Regional Program Director was Selected as a Global Ambassador for Panorama 

Photo Credit: Antonio Busiello

CORAL’s Regional Program Director for Mesoamerica, Tanya Amaya, was selected to be one of the 13 ambassadors to serve in a new and selective global ambassador program led by our partner, Panorama. The initiative provides CORAL with an opportunity to share, promote, and help implement replicable solutions for coral reef conservation on a larger scale. 

“This is the first group of ambassadors, marking an important milestone for the partnership and for CORAL. This opportunity allows us to collaborate with new practitioners and maximize our impact,” says Amaya. “I am excited to serve as an ambassador and it comes as a result of the close collaboration we’ve had with Panorama through local conservation projects in Honduras.” 

As a next step in the ambassador program, Amaya shared her experiences working with local partners and communities in Honduras to save coral reefs. In her recent online presentation to program participants, she detailed the importance of sanitation and water quality in marine ecosystems. This insight will also be part of a new workshop series that provides valuable training and knowledge about ecosystem restoration projects, covering topics like best field practices, monitoring, and funding. 

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