#CORALVoices: Ana Valdez Martinez

As the first community scientist in Trujillo, Honduras, Ana Valdez Martinez works closely with fishers to monitor their catch and help them understand what’s happening to their coral reefs and their fisheries. It’s the first time the community has had such an in-depth understanding of what’s happening underwater, and the data she collects will allow us and the community to better protect a vital source of food and income for the residents of Trujillo.

Coral reefs support 6 million fishers in 99 countries, and assure the livelihoods of 10-12% of the world’s populations. Yet coral reefs around the world are experiencing a devastating loss in fish populations due to both overfishing and climate change. Only 27% of the worlds coral reefs are currently in protected areas, and only 6% of those are effectively managed.

Community-based efforts, like the one led by Ana, are the key to changing that.

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