Inside Our Alliance: Advocating for “Clean and Green” with Josie Maran

Photo Credit: Teresa Wood

Infused with natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients, Josie Maran’s beauty products are designed to provide total care for your skin—while also giving back to our planet. Along with an “Earth-first” philosophy, recycling program, and ethical practices, the company is dedicated to saving some of the planet’s most valuable ecosystems: coral reefs. 

Last year Josie Maran teamed up with CORAL and to date, they’ve donated almost $30,000 to our conservation programs that address overfishing, minimize water pollution, advance cutting-edge science, and support coastal communities. 

The Story Behind Josie Maran’s “Clean and Green” Beauty

The Josie Maran brand was created by actress, model, and California native, Josie Maran. While she was working in the entertainment industry, Maran was constantly told that high-performance skincare and makeup products could not be healthy too.  

“That simply didn’t sit well with my spirit,” says Maran. “I decided to challenge myself and be the person to crack the code and create beauty formulas that won’t compromise on your health and our planet’s health.” 

Since 2007, the Josie Maran brand has championed the idea of “clean beauty,” utilizing responsibly sourced and meticulously crafted formulas made from pure argan oil, pink algae, and hemp. 

Photo Credit: Josie Maran

Our Partnership with Josie Maran

Inspired by the power of nature’s ingredients, Maran decided to dedicate a portion of the company’s sales to save coral reefs. In addition to gifts made on Giving Tuesday and an Earth Week challenge, the company generously donated 10 percent of sales made from their limited-edition Whipped Argan Pro-Retinol Body Butter to our conservation programs. 

“CORAL is guided by community, leadership, and activism—and they combine all three to find scalable solutions to an environmental issue that affects us all,” says Maran. “Their mission is really aligned with our own company mission—to leave this world better than we found it.”

Making an Impact: Pioneering a New Norm in the Beauty Industry 

According to Maran, “clean and green” is becoming a new norm in the beauty industry and she is proud to have been an early advocate of skincare solutions that do right by the planet. She is also thrilled to partner with CORAL, where her brand can protect our planet’s colorful marine ecosystems and support countless animals and coastal communities. 

“The more we work together, the greater the change we can make,” says Maran. “We [Josie Maran] are committed to continuing to learn from sustainability leaders across all businesses to evolve how we renew our dedication to the planet.”

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