Inside Our Alliance: Giving Back With Pura Vida Bracelets

With thousands of rainbow bracelets at hand, California lifestyle company Pura Vida is giving back—both to local artisans and the ocean. They share our dedication to keep the planet thriving and are protecting one of its most valuable and vulnerable ecosystems: coral reefs. 

In 2019, Pura Vida partnered with CORAL, and to date, have graciously donated more than $40,000 to our coral reef conservation programs. 

The Story Behind Pura Vida’s Handcrafted Bracelets

“Giving back” has always been at the heart of Pura Vida. It started back in 2010, when founders and college friends Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman met two Costa Rican artisans who were struggling to make ends meet. To help, they purchased and resold 400 handcrafted bracelets, later turning the sale into a mission-driven business. The company now supports local artisans around the world, while also making conscious efforts to protect the environment.  

They were particularly drawn to CORAL’s mission to save coral reefs—an ecosystem that supports more than a million marine species and countless coastal communities with food and income. Pura Vida recognizes the vital importance of protecting the ocean and emulates the essence of beach culture in their products.

“[Our customers] care deeply and passionately about protecting the things that they love,” says Vanessa Skaggs, Marketing Manager for Pura Vida. And by working with CORAL, Pura Vida’s community is able to see the direct impact their purchases have on coral reefs, coastal communities, and marine life.

Our Partnership with Pura Vida

To support our mission, Pura Vida created a special “Seasides Dream” bracelet pack, with five percent of sales going directly to CORAL. They worked with Andrea Hannemann, who is better known to her 1.3 million followers as @earthyandy, to design the pack. Living in Hawai‘i, Hannemann is part of a community that relies deeply on coral reefs and the benefits they provide. 

We are thrilled to team up with strong voices, like Pura Vida and Hannemann, to spread the message of why it’s so important to protect coral reefs. 

Making an Impact: Demonstrating Corporate Responsibility

Pura Vida demonstrates corporate responsibility by donating CORAL, offsetting carbon emissions, utilizing biodegradable packaging, and supporting local communities with sustainable jobs. Like us, the company hopes to inspire others to prioritize environmental protection, especially when it comes to an ecosystem as valuable as coral reefs.

“My hope is that more people will become conscious consumers and realize the impact—that they might not recognize they’re having—on the oceans directly,” says Skaggs. 

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