Jenny Myton Steps into a New Role as Conservation Program Director

This December, Jenny Myton stepped into a new role as Conservation Program Director, now supervising all of our programs worldwide. Her vision, extensive knowledge, and long-term experience working in coral reef conservation, make her the perfect candidate for this position. 

Myton has been in the CORAL family since 2008 and has been an essential part of our programs that focus on addressing direct threats to coral reefs, like overfishing and poor water quality. She holds a master’s degree in sustainable development, and is seen as a leader for both our team and many local partners. “I am thrilled to take on a new challenge at CORAL,” says Myton. “Together, with my team, I am optimistic that we will continue to build strong local partnerships and expand our programs to keep reefs healthy.”

Stepping into Myton’s previous role as Regional Program Director of the Mesoamerican region is Tanya Amaya who has overseen an array of wastewater improvements, Marine Protected Area management projects, and sustainable tourism initiatives for CORAL. Like Myton, Amaya is also excited to take on a new challenge and continue protecting coral reefs and supporting the coastal communities that rely on them.

Cover photo: Antonio Busiello

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