Local Project Led by Women Combats Overfishing in Honduras

In Tela Honduras, a local farming project is helping to combat overfishing and repopulate the area’s vital coral reefs. The initiative supports local efforts that utilize alternative sources of food and income, in order to support a coastal community that is highly dependent on fishing. 

Our financial support, along with assistance from Tela’s environmental committee, brought together a group of 12 local women in the community of Los Cerritos in Tela, Honduras. These women raise chickens and sell their eggs to members of the community, which ultimately relieves fishing pressure and provides additional resources to their families and the community.

Overfishing is impacting the health of coral reefs and it’s ultimately changing the quality and quantity of the fish caught. By giving local women the resources to provide new sources of food and income to the community, we ensure conservation efforts, such as Tela’s closed fishing season, are more successful and that families don’t struggle in the process. We’re proud to work directly with this motivated group of women, their chickens, and the partners who have supported this effort, in order to keep Tela’s coral reefs healthy and repopulate its fish populations.  

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