Marvel at Awe-Inspiring Designs from CORAL’s Digital Ocean Art Gallery 

There’s no question about it—the ocean inspires us. It inspires us to protect its unique and diverse underwater creatures. It inspires us to support the millions of people that rely on the ocean’s food, medicines, and economic opportunities. And it inspires us to continue believing in the strength and reliance of the ocean’s coral reef ecosystems and take meaningful actions that will protect them. 

For World Oceans Day, we asked our supporters to show us what they find inspiring about the ocean through an original piece of art. In return, we received countless designs that demonstrate the beauty, power, and significance of the underwater world. 

Some of those designs were turned into unique CORAL t-shirts or wall art and are available in our online store. While our other favorite pieces now sit in CORAL’s original Digital Ocean Art Gallery and serve as a daily reminder of why we need to protect the planet’s marine ecosystems.
View our original gallery and let us know why the ocean inspires YOU.

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