New Educational Videos That Focus on Protecting Coral Reefs

After more than 25 years of coral reef conservation work, we’ve celebrated many successes and evaluated lessons learned. We firmly believe that by sharing our gained knowledge, we will reach new communities in the world and help implement actions that protect coral reefs. 

In recent educational videos, Dr. Antonella Rivera, CORAL’s Principle Investigator in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, shares her knowledge about community-based practices that utilize a bottom-up, collaborative approach to conservation. 

Below she shares her knowledge about fishery co-management solutions that address overfishing and protect local food sources. These actions have made a positive impact in Tela Bay, Honduras, and can be repeated in other communities in the Caribbean and around the world. 

To learn more about local actions taken in Tela Bay, Honduras, check out our latest blog post, featuring Tela’s successful closed fishing season in 2021.

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