Tela Bay’s Closed Fishing Season Increases Fish Biomass in Coastal Lagoons

With an almost 500% increase in fish biomass, a successful “closed fishing season” in Tela Bay, Honduras is offering relief to both community fishers and nearby coral reefs. 

Recently, the proper funding and on-the-ground support has allowed the Tela community to effectively carry-out a two-month closed fishing season in coastal lagoons and enforce sustainable fishing practices within the area. This success comes as a result of our collaborative efforts with PROLANSATE Foundation, National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture (DIGEPESCA), the naval force, rangers, and other members of the local community.

We are proud to be part of this important initiative that allows lagoons to rest and fish populations to recuperate, ultimately keeping coral reefs healthy and allowing fishers to catch higher-quality products. More fish at higher quantities, means fishers can feed their families, grow their businesses, and continue to support their community. 

This success would not be possible without your support and the incredible work and dedication from our local partners. Thank you for being part of our alliance and helping save coral reefs. 

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