Thank You For Fighting Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease 

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD), a new illness that kills the soft tissue of more than 25 coral species, has been wreaking havoc underwater in the Mesoamerican Reef region. To fight back, we are working with local partners to stop the spread and ultimately save our valuable coral reefs. 

SCTLD moves quickly and has proven to be lethal to some species of coral. The disease exposes the white skeleton of corals and increases the risk of being covered in macroalgae. It first started off the shores of Florida, and later spread to Mexico and then to Honduras. 

But since its early days, we’ve been preparing for the arrival of SCTLD. By monitoring reefs and supporting our partners who have advocated for funds to fight SCTLD, we’ve made a lot of progress. Now, scientists are applying a topical antibiotic around the diseased patches of coral, while also identifying the species that are less affected by SCTLD and focusing on ways to ensure these corals can reproduce. 

Your ongoing support has given our partners the resources and ability to prepare and react to this deadly coral disease. Thank you for fighting SCTLD, and for keeping corals healthy and more resilient. 

Keep reading to learn more about SCTLD and the work of local scientists and partner organizations on the ground. 

(Credit: Roatan Marine Park, Antonio Busiello)

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