Thank You for Supporting CORAL. Here’s How Your Gift Will Make an Impact in 2023

Photo Credit: Renata Romeo / Ocean Image Bank

It’s 2023 and for us, that means a new year with new opportunities to continue protecting the world’s coral reefs. We are so grateful for each and every donor who continuously believes in our mission and stands up for the health of our ocean’s most vital ecosystems. Your generous gift will fund our regional programs to reduce threats to coral reefs, support local partners and communities, and advance our cutting-edge science to keep coral reefs healthy and thriving well into the future.   

Let’s look forward to see how your gift will make an impact this year:

Your Gift Ensures Clean Water for Reefs 

Clean ocean water is essential for thriving coral reefs and people. That’s why your support will scale up our water quality programs in 2023.

In Hawai‘i, we are using our learnings from West Maui’s watershed restoration project to expand to Olowalu and Molokai. In these locations, we will explore and implement innovative solutions to reduce pollution in areas with degraded landscapes and restore both the land and sea. 

Additionally, we are expanding our work to address wastewater pollution in Belize and other parts of coastal Honduras. Our success operationalizing a wastewater treatment system in West End, Honduras, has given us the experience to replicate and repeat this project in new locations. Together, working with partners and local communities, we aim to reduce harmful bacteria levels in marine environments in order to keep coral reefs, ocean animals, and humans healthy.

Photo Credit: Antonio Busiello

Your Gift Empowers Resilient Coastal Communities 

Our conservation programs could not exist without dedicated and determined community members who are prioritizing coral reef conservation this year. 

In the Western Caribbean, educational programs Train the Trainers and Go Blue teach tour operators to reduce their environmental footprint, implement sustainable tourism practices, and effectively educate tourists about coral reefs and how to protect them. Meanwhile in Hawai‘i, our partner organization Hawai‘i Wai Ola monitors water quality by using community science. The data will be used to identify pollutants in coastal waters, inform other community members, and influence decision-makers to prioritize coral reef conservation. 

Your donation empowers communities to protect their coral reef ecosystems and expand upon these programs in 2023. 

Your Gift Encourages Climate Adaptation 

Our science shows that coral reefs can adapt to climate change if we curb carbon emissions and reduce local threats to coral reefs. Science also shows that greater genetic variability will help corals adapt to these warming temperatures—which is why it is important to protect a wide network of corals, so those that become more heat tolerant can spread their genes.

To amplify our impact, we are partnering with scientists, conservationists, universities, and organizations to communicate our research results and advocate for solutions that harness the power of evolution. Your generosity will allow us to expand our alliances in the science community and contribute to marine spatial planning efforts across the globe. 

Photo Credit: Antonio Busiello

Your Gift Strengthens Sustainable Fisheries 

Coral reefs only thrive when they’re stocked with healthy fish populations, which keep algal growth in check. That’s why we focus on reducing unsustainable fishing practices and supporting income diversification projects, which provide new opportunities for families that depend heavily on fishing. 

For example, our aquaponics project combines aquaculture and hydroponics to raise fish and grow vegetables. This has the potential to provide alternative income and food security for families in Honduras, while reducing fishing pressure on the reef. With your help, we are now able to collaborate with local fishers who are interested in creating an aquaponics system in the future.

All of this is only possible because of you—our generous donors, partners, and supporters. Thank you for helping us advance our mission in 2023 and for continuing to protect coral reefs. To keep up with our progress, make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter for regular updates.

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