Two CORAL Staff Members Were Selected for a Conservation Leadership Program

In recent weeks, two CORAL staff members from the Western Caribbean participated in a leadership program led by Sureste Sostenible, which offered a unique opportunity for coral reef conservationists to advance their work. 

Twenty one coral reef conservationists were selected and among them, were CORAL’s Project and Outreach Manager Dr. Andrea Rivera-Sosa and Bay Islands Program Coordinator Christian Torres. “I am so happy that I could participate in this program,” says Rivera-Sosa. “We were able to collaborate with partners and professionals that can help expand our reach, while also developing business skills to further implement initiatives that protect coral reefs.”

During the program, Torres gained insight to advance Go Blue, a training program in the Bay Islands of Honduras that advocates for a responsible and sustainable approach to tourism. Meanwhile, Rivera-Sosa began to spearhead a new project that focuses on repurposing recycled materials. If the project is successful, Rivera-Sosa hopes to implement it in Cozumel, Mexico, in order to address waste pollution that impacts coral reefs.

As a next step, Rivera-Sosa and Torres are bringing back the knowledge and new partnerships made to move these initiatives forward and ultimately, educate their communities, advocate for innovative solutions and protect the region’s coral reefs.

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