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Photo by The Ocean Agency - Renata Romeo Photo by The Ocean Agency - Renata Romeo

As we step into the promising year of 2024, we want to express our deep appreciation to each and every one of our devoted supporters who have championed our mission to preserve the well-being of the world’s coral reefs. With your generous contributions, we are primed to direct our efforts toward programs that will mitigate the challenges faced by coral reefs, nurture local partnerships and communities, and push the boundaries of scientific research. This paves the way for the continued health and resilience of these invaluable ecosystems for generations to come.

For those who are new to our cause, we invite you to be a vital force in protecting coral reefs in 2024 and beyond. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the health of coral reefs.

Let’s explore the concrete outcomes your contributions will bring in 2024:

Your Gift Promotes Clean Water for Reefs and Coastal Communities

Clean ocean water is crucial for the flourishing of coral reefs and the well-being of people. That’s why your support will scale-up our water quality programs in 2024.

In early 2024 we will be sharing the success story of our wastewater pilot project in West End, Roatan with communities across the Western Caribbean.  We are hosting an in-person summit to gather support of funders, development banks, and government stakeholders so that we can scale. We will also be launching an on-line toolkit and guide so that communities have resources to set the stage for large-scale infrastructure improvements. Over the next 6-8 years, while we are building relationships and funding to scale globally, we’ll apply the lessons learned from our successful wastewater pilot project to enhance water quality in 5-7 communities across the Western Caribbean and Hawaii. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that 80% of coastal communities with priority coral reefs have wastewater treatment in place, guaranteeing clean waters for both the reefs and the people who rely on them.

Your Gift Strengthens Sustainable Fisheries 

Coral reefs only thrive when they have healthy fish populations, which keep algal growth in check and provide nutrients for coral growth. That’s why we focus on reducing unsustainable fishing practices.

Bustling fish population with clean water
Photo by Antonio Busiello

In 2024 we will be focused on ensuring that all of the marine protected areas (MPAs) and coastal environments where we currently work are appropriately resourced with real-time fisheries data, effective patrols to minimize illegal activities, funding strategies, and proper management plans.  This is critically important over the next year so that coral reefs bounce back from bleaching events. At the same time, we’ll be working towards bold goals to establish newly protected areas. Our ultimate goal is to create networks of effectively managed marine environments that are critical for healthy fisheries and resilient coastal communities.

Your Gift Enhances Coral Resilience to Climate Change 

Our science shows that coral reefs can adapt to climate change if we curb carbon emissions and reduce local threats to coral reefs. Science also shows that greater genetic variability will help corals adapt to these warming temperatures—which is why it is important to protect a wide network of corals, so those that become more heat tolerant can spread their genes.

Photo by The Ocean Image Bank | Gabriel Barathieu

CORAL is pioneering groundbreaking research with global partners to create a satellite-based tool that can monitor and predict the health and adaptability of coral reefs from space. Success in this endeavor would enable us to offer this innovative tool globally, empowering under-resourced communities with a cost-free resource to streamline their conservation efforts and decision-making processes.

To expand our impact, we’re collaborating with scientists, conservationists, universities, and organizations to share our adaptation research findings and advocate for solutions that harness the power of evolution. Your generosity allows us to build stronger partnerships in the scientific community and contribute to 30 x 30 (30% of oceans protected by 2023) initiatives across the globe.

Your Gift Helps Reduce Sediment Impact on Coral Reefs

In 2024 we will be taking all of the best management practices from our successful watershed restoration project in Maui and expand what we learned to new watersheds and partnerships. We’re collaborating with Ridge to Reef to strengthen their efforts, secure funding, and prioritize sediment reduction across the state.

Our ultimate objective is to share our insights and best practices more broadly across the Hawaiian Islands and the South Pacific. This way, we can assist communities and regions on a larger scale, making a substantial impact on the health of our coral reefs.

Your Gift Supports Our Long-Term Vision

Our ultimate goal long-term vision is to establish diverse, connected, large, and well-managed networks of coral reefs with sustainable fish populations and improved water quality. This means healthier and more resilient oceans for everyone, today and for generations to come.

Photo by Martin Leglize

You can be a part of this transformative mission by donating today. Your unwavering support drives our work, and we invite you to be a vital force in protecting coral reefs in 2024 and beyond. Stay updated with our progress by  signing up for our e-newsletter. Together, we can make a lasting impact on these critical ecosystems.

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