Why Donors Choose CORAL: Jackson

Meet Jackson, one of CORAL’s youngest donors. He held a lemonade stand in his hometown and donated the proceeds to save coral reefs. Learn why Jackson gives back to our alliance.

Q: What motivates you to give to CORAL?

A: So that I can raise money to help save the coral reefs.

Q: What excites you about CORAL’s work?

A: That it’s [coral reefs are] the home to many different animals and that it is SO PRETTY!

Q: Tell us about your favorite ocean experience.

A: The first time I saw the ocean when I was on vacation. I was three!

Q:  What are your hopes for the future of coral reefs?

A:  That it will always be home to lots of beautiful animals.

Q: What worries you about reef health?  

A:  That some day it’s going to go extinct, and that lots of different species that live there won’t have a place to live anymore.

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