“Climate REEFS” Initiative Launched to Advance Equitable Pathways to Climate Adaptation in Asia Pacific

(OAKLAND, CA – November 10, 2023) Today, a consortium of universities, development agencies, and NGOs announced the launch of Climate REEFS, a collaborative project to advance socially equitable climate change adaptation for coastal communities that depend on coral reef resources in Indonesia and the Philippines. Climate REEFS is a project under the UK-Canada Climate Adaptation… Continue Reading →

Photo by The Ocean Agency - Renata Romeo

Where Your Donation Will Go in 2024

As we step into the promising year of 2024, we want to express our deep appreciation to each and every one of our devoted supporters who have championed our mission to preserve the well-being of the world’s coral reefs. With your generous contributions, we are primed to direct our efforts toward programs that will mitigate… Continue Reading →

Guardians of the Reef: The Importance of Herbivore Fish in Coral Reef Health

Coral reefs, rainforests of the sea, are magnificent and diverse ecosystems teeming with life. Within this underwater wonderland, herbivore fish emerge as unsung heroes, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the delicate balance that sustains these vibrant reefs. Remarkable creatures like parrotfish and surgeonfish serve as nature’s custodians, diligently preserving the health of coral reefs… Continue Reading →

Harmonizing for a Sustainable Future

Honolulu, September 14, 2023 The sounds of strings, piano, harp, opera, and ukuleles resonated through the warm Hawaiian night as the second edition of Music on the Reef graced Honolulu. This annual event, conceived as a heartfelt thank-you to our generous donors, took on a new dimension in light of recent events and became a… Continue Reading →

Uniting for Coral Reefs: The Powerful Partnership between Coral Reef Alliance and ASIDE Honduras

Our best strategy in the face of escalating environmental challenges is to harness the power of collaboration to ensure coastal communities are resilient. We’re glad to announce our partnership between the Coral Reef Alliance and ASIDE Honduras (Association for Integral Development and Environmental Sustainability) to protect valuable coral reef ecosystems on the North Coast of… Continue Reading →

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