CORAL Position Statement- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Releases Special Report on the Impacts of Global Warming of 1.5° C

Background: On October 8th, the IPCC issued its special report on the impacts of global climate change on nature and society. Specifically, the IPCC examined the results of warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels in the context of the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty. The… Continue Reading →

Approaches to Coral Reef Conservation

Over the past few years, there’s been a steady increase and interest in a number of coral conservation activities that fall into the broad category of restoration. These include coral gardening, breeding corals in tanks and transplanting them onto reefs and growing corals on artificial reef structures in the water. At the Coral Reef Alliance… Continue Reading →

Looking to the Future with Virtual Reality

In 2016, CORAL began an exciting new partnership with the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) at Stanford University. Three key players met to kickstart this collaboration: Dr. Michael Webster, CORAL’s Executive Director, Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, VHIL’s Director, and Dr. Robert Richmond, Director of the University of Hawaiʻi’s Kewalo Marine Laboratory. Although they didn’t know it… Continue Reading →

Meet Our 2018 CORAL Conservation Prize Winner!

Since 2014, the CORAL Conservation Prize has been awarded annually to an individual who has proven to be an outstanding leader in the conservation of coral reefs. The CORAL Prize is a unique opportunity to recognize the people that are truly making a difference in the future of coral reefs, and applicants are nominated by a member… Continue Reading →

Youth Lead Beach Cleanups in Bali

In early March, 2018, communities in Amed and Tulamben held coastal cleanups to show their support for the third International Year of the Reef (IYOR). Local communities, Reef Check Foundation Indonesia (RCFI), and the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) encouraged youth participation as part of the event. The cleanups helped stakeholders share information about the impacts… Continue Reading →

Safeguarding Fiji’s Reefs- Episode 3 of 3

“Uniting Communities to Save Coral Reefs.” That’s the mission of the Coral Reef Alliance, and we’re working with local communities in Oneata to identify and implement solutions for their future. Coral reefs and fish populations are intricately linked, and the decline of coral reef health in Fiji has jeopardized food security in Oneata, where a… Continue Reading →

Safeguarding Fiji’s Reefs- Episode 2 of 3

Maraia Somi: “The look of the sea is different from before. And corals, there were many kinds of coral. We see the corals, all dead. And the fishes that we see before, won’t be able to see that much nowadays.” Food security is especially concerning in Oneata, where the distance from the main Fijian islands… Continue Reading →

Safeguarding Fiji’s Reefs- Episode 1 of 3

Deep in the South Pacific, there is a small island called Oneata, which is one of the three hundred and twenty-two islands that make up the Fijian Archipelago. This network of islands encompasses one of the most extensive coral reef systems in the world, and is a critical site for coral reef conservation, with an… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Women in Science

The Coral Reef Alliance is recognizing the accomplished women at CORAL and in marine science and conservation across the globe. This is especially important in Honduras, where “most of the people working in marine conservation are women,” according to CORAL’s Associate Program Director in the Mesoamerican region, Jennifer Myton. CORAL’s staff in Honduras includes Jenny… Continue Reading →

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